The Goldfish Proxy

STANO047 “The Goldfish Proxy” John is wearing a poodle skirt, and the duo talk fighting loud music on subways, tax evaders,  and cat messaging. Hummingbird drones and goldfish simplicity solve world issues in a  round of “If Animals Ruled the World”, and Elsie gets attacked while offering the wine-themed chocolate End of Show Food. Guest: Minimalist, artist, comedian and filmmaker Marty Stano discusses his approach to life, his TedTalk, AwesomeFeet project, and a piano on the river!

Family Guy: A Special Tribute Celebrating the Life of a Grandfather

family guy050 “Family Guy: A Special Tribute Celebrating the Life of a Grandfather” A moving, intimate, personal episode focuses on the life and passing of Marc’s 99 year old grandfather Thomas Raco. With audio clips, memories, discussions of loss, and personal memories and reflection, Marc and John remember a World War II veteran, winemaker, fisherman, NY Yankee fan, and family man. With a guest appearance by the great Buzz Burbank.

87 Cents

Monkey Radio 87 Cents103 “87 Cents” – John is hung over, someone wins gold medals for wine, Johns birthday, getting older, the water experiment, a homeless coffee for 87 cents, getting bumped into, saying you’re sorry, backpack weapon, a trip to Puerto Rico, the girlie Pimm’s Cup, Marc meets one of the Beach Boys, and a round of the improv game Audible catches a big fish and goes Olympic dice rolling!

Educated People

EDUCATED PEOPLE076 “Educated People” An incredibly full show! Alfred Hitchcock vs James Mason, a problem with iTunes, the dangers of using work computers for personal use, a call to get off of Facebook, the profane school bus, accidentally texting to the wrong number, social media swearing the origins of phrases like honkey and get your dander up, the gigantic paella and old people dating beer goggles, Marc missed his 30th high school reunion, a movie review challenge from John for a Pacino-featured needle flick Marc can’t shake sexist thoughts after a TV audition, a new improv game “The TV Theme Twist” explores making wine with “Happy Days”, Nascar meets “I love Lucy”, buying a suit on “Gilligan’s Island”, and an “Addams Family” high school reunion!

The Color of Wine

WINEWORX EPISODE“The Color of Wine” SPECIAL THANKSGIVING EPISODE A blockbuster episode! Thanksgiving is a time for family and for feasting! Marc and John are on location at Wineworx in Rochester, NY, where Marc’s father and his business partner teach people how to make wine! We talk wine and business and more with owners Tom Raco and Tony Toscano and we hear from an old friend, Santa Claus’ only remaining relative “Mr. Bumblebrinx”, who needs a Christmas miracle! We talk Christmas is too early this year, prescriptions for cats and a new feature debuts, “Good Grandpa: Life Advice From Someone Who’s Lived Almost a Hundred Years”, with real-life wisdom from Marc’s nearly century-old grandfather. Special live music guest appearance by songwriter Bobby Maville as the house band for the day! And a double-header Rochester-style End of Show Food to round out this holiday special!