Tom Clancy Dies, Adventure Perishes

Author Tom Clancy has died at 66. And with him went the chance for more extraordinary adventures with my father.

Clancy was aTom Clancy man, a storyteller, and inspirer and an author. He was also a link between my father and me.

One of the things my father and I had in common was a love of Tom Clancy novels. We would share them and talk about them and dream of sequels. I loved hearing them in audiobook format.

His characters were so wonderful they could be played by multiple actors in film adaptations without the slightest question (Alec Baldwin becomes Harrison Ford, anyone?)

Whenever I hear Tom Clancy’s name, I think of my father. Clancy wove stories which were so mesmerizing and believable that both my father and I were transported into our own amazing adventures, living a life as partners in imagination. Going places together we never would otherwise, experiencing moments impossible in real life because of schedules, money, reality.. Yet Clancy’s imagination became our imagination.

Thank you Tom Clancy for submarines and secret agents and tundra and codes and ammunition and covert operations and  helicopters and rabbits and tigers and dragons. And for giving me something more in common with my father.