Popeye Arms

POPEYE ARMS054 “Popeye Arms” We celebrate “Slavic Clown Day” with costumes and everything! We talk Star Trek tribute shows, finding broken records, old audio formats, a national anthem is unearthed, hologram phones, Marc’s gross clown-size elbow, and John’s wife Doreen joins in for a brand new game “The Truth Fairy”! Plus Elsie brings more End of Show Food!

Trek or Treat

TREK OR TREAT070 “Trek or Treat” John is dressed as Homer Simpson, and the duo talk credit card fiascos, an American hero, an alternate Star trek intro, and a new improv game “Trek or Treat” explores the Australian Outback and Khan’s interruption of a Clinton inauguration? Plus Elsie brings some flavors of Moscow to End of Show Food.

Greatest American Heroes

GREATEST AMERICAN HEROES096 “Greatest American Heroes” John invents new flavors of Jello, Marc realizes he doesn’t speak Taco Bell, bombing with standup at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, a standup comedian gets scared, gesticulation accents, “Star Trek” and “The Greatest American Hero” inspired life-changing moments, an extraordinary co-incidence, a new George Costanza message reminds Marc of a bar memory, celebrity answering machine messages, and a round of the Seinfeld-themed improv game What’s the Deal stops by the airport!

If William Shatner Was In Charge of the World

shatner1052 Hellen Davis “If William Shatner Was In Charge of the World” John’s in a sequined gown for disco school, we cover the laws of standing in line, sex robots and solar roads, a networking scavenger hunt, Marc’s new obsession with car crash videos, a special Shatner-themed version of the classic improv game “If I Was in Charge of the World” and Elsie’s back to sweets with a red white and yellow inspired candy in End of Show Food. Special guest: corporate strategist, executive consultant, and motivational speaker Hellen Davis on how to be the best of the best.  

Password, Star Trek Style

STAR TREK PASSWORD087 “Star Trek Password” John has a laser gun, Marc and John speak in slow-motion, a noise complaint and the full audio from their appearance at Rocpodfest II, a shout out, the Dunkin Donuts mistake in Marc’s favor, reviews of the movie “Joe” and “The Interview”, a Valentines Day overview, a hacker friend’s music video generator, cat on a toilet, a new game inspired by two classic TV shows, and a major show announcement.