Let’s See Your Cupcakes! With Heather Saffer of Dollop Gourmet

CUPCAKES029 “Let’s See Your Cupcakes!” Marc regales a tale of being attacked by a conductor on the subway, and a game double-header with the premeier of two new games “Impress Me” (hint: It involves impressions) and “The Meh News”! Woody AllenLucille Ball, and Christopher Walken allegedly stop by! And don’t miss the 23 caret gold End of Show Food segment with Elsie and more! Guest: “Cupcake Wars” champion and frosting entrepreneur Heather Saffer  (Dollop Gourmet) exposes the business of frosting, business and fame. She might even impersonate Sarah Palin...Special thanks to Baconery.

Guppy Tank: The Girl with the Dragon Shaped Camel Toe

MONKEY RADIO WITH MARC PODCAST "GUPPY TANK"088 “Guppy Tank: The Girl with the Dragon Shaped Camel Toe” John is a low budget left handed shark, a shout out error, sound problems were everywhere, Marc risks frostbite, John might become a snowbird, no Florida income taxes, cat alarms, a discussion of Reddit and online comments results in a Reddit search for camel toes which brings surprising results, the story of showtime kids on the subway and the crunched cup, subway littering and the lack of regard for anyone else, has the cold snap come from thumbing your nose at mother nature, film sequels we’d love to see and what we’d do if we were the last person alive on Earth. Plus a new hilarious improv game “Guppy Tank” gives businesses with products designed to solve problems of subway performers and public camel toes the chance to pitch The Guppies to invest in them.