If William Shatner Was In Charge of the World

shatner1052 “If William Shatner Was In Charge of the World” John’s in a sequined gown for disco school, we cover the laws of standing in line, sex robots and solar roads, a networking scavenger hunt, Marc’s new obsession with car crash videos, a special Shatner-themed version of the classic improv game “If I Was in Charge of the World” and Elsie’s back to sweets with a red white and yellow inspired candy in End of Show Food. Special guest: corporate strategist, executive consultant, and motivational speaker Hellen Davis on how to be the best of the best.

Living Quirky and Defending Adnan Syed

093 Marion Loguidice, Jia Wertz, Christina Salerno “Quirk Nation” John is an actual blimp and counts down the worst apps of all time. A visit to John’s World discovers timeless youth and the Old Man stops by to warn of the mortal dangers of wearing a watch. In a round of “21 Rapid Fire Questions” we find out which Peanuts character John is, about Marc’s reputation as a superhero-wannabe, and the invention of the “zutton”. Singer-songwriter Marion Loguidice and fashion entrepreneur Jia Wertz stop by to promote a special event to raise money for Adnan Syed’s legal defense fund. Special guest: Living Quirky founder Christina Salerno reveals how she turned her own challenges into a business brand and a chance to inspire others and how to achieve maximum “quirkitude. Plus, another round of “21 Rapid Fire Questions” leads Salerno to admit her Vulcan side, Marc to recall the Wizard of the Umbrella People, and both to question the physics of The Hulk’s wardrobe.