Popeye Arms

POPEYE ARMS054 “Popeye Arms” We celebrate “Slavic Clown Day” with costumes and everything! We talk Star Trek tribute shows, finding broken records, old audio formats, a national anthem is unearthed, hologram phones, Marc’s gross clown-size elbow, and John’s wife Doreen joins in for a brand new game “The Truth Fairy”! Plus Elsie brings more End of Show Food!

Short Cape

SHORT CAPE 1097 “Short Cape” John is gift-wrapped, a man with too many jackets in John’s World, the buzz about a Grey’s Anatomy death, a SWAT team mistake in the neighborhood, an ignorant pastor, sixteen stitches, a near arrest, a new game Celebrity Answering Machine brings Joan Rivers, MikeTyson, Mr. T and Sean Connery by, and a lesson in impressions.

Celebrity Siri

Celebrity Siri095 “Celebrity Siri” Rotund John is shot down by grape paintballs, problems with Honor Society ageism and bottle-return fighting in John’s World, Marc deals with lazy people on social media, an idea for an auto-birthday app, smashed car sign irony, a shocking Google Street View discovery, and a round of the new improv comedy impression game “Celebrity Siri” gets Pee Wee Herman’s help with chicken wings and Elvis tells you where to find women.

Living Quirky and Defending Adnan Syed

093 Marion Loguidice, Jia Wertz, Christina Salerno “Quirk Nation” John is an actual blimp and counts down the worst apps of all time. A visit to John’s World discovers timeless youth and the Old Man stops by to warn of the mortal dangers of wearing a watch. In a round of “21 Rapid Fire Questions” we find out which Peanuts character John is, about Marc’s reputation as a superhero-wannabe, and the invention of the “zutton”. Singer-songwriter Marion Loguidice and fashion entrepreneur Jia Wertz stop by to promote a special event to raise money for Adnan Syed’s legal defense fund. Special guest: Living Quirky founder Christina Salerno reveals how she turned her own challenges into a business brand and a chance to inspire others and how to achieve maximum “quirkitude. Plus, another round of “21 Rapid Fire Questions” leads Salerno to admit her Vulcan side, Marc to recall the Wizard of the Umbrella People, and both to question the physics of The Hulk’s wardrobe.

Comedian Jessica Delfino on SNL, Sarah Silverman and Singing Dirty

Jessica Delfino on Monkey Radio092 Jessica Delfino “Obviously!”  John is a blimp and has a secret podcast, an update on the evil subway conductor, sponsored shrink-wrapped subway cars, another poop sign, John is almost hit by a car, a stressful stress test, a million dollar idea for doctor’s offices, Marc gets his ears fixed, a new improvisational game “Obviously” explores Italian wine and workplace mysteries, the last days of Marc’s friend bring perspective, and a round of the classic improv comedy game “If Animals Ran the World” solves educational and sports problems with hippos and zebras! Plus special guest comedian and songwriter Jessica Delfino talks stand-up comedy, adjusting career perspective, sneaking into celebrity-filled parties like the SNL 40th Anniversary after-party and an exclusive memory of Sarah Silverman! (Episode note: We apologize for the static interference heard during a portion of the episode. While we cannot explain this, we thought the content was still worth hearing anyway. Thank you for understanding!)

“Married at First Sight” Reality TV Star Cortney Hendrix Is In Charge of the World

IF CORTNEY HENDRIX WAS IN CHARGE OF THE WORLD090 Cortney Hendrix “If Cortney Was In Charge of the World” Special 2-Hour Episode with Cortney Hendrix from “Married At First Sight: The First Year” John is Hulk Hogan for reasons you wouldn’t expect. A visit to John’s World reveals shoelace negligence and senior-citizen flirting, a shout out to a pro wrestler, the latest subway wacko, the importance of making a mark on the world, a bizarre street sign, a cold potato in the snow, and a post office conspiracy theory leads to a playlet in a new feature “Theater Corner”. A round of the comedy improv game “If I Were in Charge of the World: Celebrity Version” has Kanye West with bullet proof tissue paper and Justin Bieber controlling postal crowds. Plus Elsie is back with a new spicy End of Show Food! And, in an in-depth interview with host Marc Raco, reality TV Star Cortney Hendrix provides a revealing look at what was in her hand on TV in Las Vegas, if there will be another season of the show, her most favorite thing about her husband and wrestling pro Jason, if she is she really friends with her costars, what’s next for her, how much of what you see on TV is the real Cortney, who actually made her stop performing in Hot Box Girls burlesque shows, an exclusive, untold story about when Jason hit someone over the head with a bottle while they were filming the original show, who in the cast is an “awkward turtle”, why she was OK with her boudoir photo shoot to be on national television, what Cortney has in common with zombies, what she would do if she was in charge of the world, and — her Sylvester Stallone impression!

Cortney Hendrix Is In Charge of the World!


What was that in Cortney Hendrix‘s hand on TV in Las Vegas? Will the “Married At First Sight: The First Year” newlyweds be in another season of the show? What is her most favorite thing about her husband and wrestling pro Jason? Is she really friends with Jamie and Monet? What’s next for Cortney? How much of what you see on TV is the real Cortney? Who made her stop performing in burlesque shows?

Plus: the exclusive, untold story about when Jason hit someone over the head with a bottle while they were filming “Married At First Sight”!

All this, plus will she make a phone call to one of her co-stars? Reality TV star Cortney reveals what she would do if she was in charge of the world, in a special in-depth interview on the next Monkey Radio with Marc on Monday, March 9th at monkeyradioshow.com . Listen to a promo of the episode.

In the meantime, check out the most recent show featuring an interview with Laura Hall, one of the stars of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”!