Starting Now, Everyone Can Smoke in North America

MVD6539D_sleeve-1024x684Eggwork Productions announced in February that their no-budget comedy feature film about nicotine addicts stuck outside their favorite bar on the coldest night of the year has received a North American DVD release of the Rochester-NY produced film through MVD Entertainment GroupSmoking Laws is also being distributed in the UK by Scanbox and is already available on Vimeo OnDemand . “Monkey Radio with Marc” host Marc Raco appears in the Sundance Film Festival award-winner Matthew Ehlers helmed picture as a mayoral candidate facing a dark and desperate secret.

Tom Cross, The Boy Up the Street, Wins Academy Award for Best Editing for “Whiplash”

cross2Tom Cross just won his first Academy Award, for editing the amazing film “Whiplash”.

It seems like only yesterday he was just the boy up the street.

It is the first time I every truly cared who won anything at The Oscars. It’s also the first time I ever personally knew someone who was nominated.

Tom and I grew up on the same street in the Rochester, NY suburb Brighton. He was more my brother’s friend than mine, but we often circulated in the same street games. Even in high school I recall him being into filmmaking. My sharpest memory of him was his parody imitation of Carl Sagan infamous mantra “Billions and billions””, with “Billions and billions of Carl Sagans…”

It is something to see someone you know suddenly catapulted into international fame. I know many people who have risen to heights of their industry, and even some who have gone on to high success in entertainment. Yet by some luck a person you know is hired for a job, does it well, and that project catches a wave of attention and suddenly his life changes. And you know them.

How does that change your life?

For me, in only one way—it gives me hope. It shows it can happen to anyone, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

It just goes to show you that every major star, every major political, every leader, CEO, supermodel, NFL quarterback and Grammy winner—every single one is just a person. A regular schmoe who tried hard, nabbed a job and caught a break. One audition different than you, one interview, one lucky throw.

It’s not just luck, but we celebrate these people like they are something extraordinary. In truth, they are just you, or me, in a job that they did well, getting a wave of the lucky stick. And they are just as sweaty-palmed, full of wonder and awash in a life changing amazement as any of us would be, while trying to fit in to what is merely a hive of others who felt the same way last year. In India, actors are considered literal gods and are revered with intensity that seems absurd from Western perspective, perched atop what seems a new level of the caste system born of celluloid.

And now my friend Tom Cross has entered a new caste of Hollywood, always to be amongst those thought to be special and elite, as if their existence was at another place than all others, a golden statue to be idolized and marveled. Well, at least for one year.

I once interviewed multi-Emmy Award winner Michael Park, who said he didn’t do his work for the trophies, he did for the work. The awards his colleagues received meant far more to him.

I have dreamt of winning an Academy Award my entire film career. And now my friend Tom Cross has done it himself. Maybe he’s just a regular guy, who got lucky and worked hard—making the most of an opportunity and being recognized for it. Maybe he really is someone exceptional. Maybe his palms were sweaty tonight. Yet I know I wanted him to win this Oscar more than I ever cared anyone else won. Because his win represents the idea that anyone can hold a golden idol.

Even the boy from up the street.

Congratulations Tom Cross on your Academy Award win. We couldn’t be happier for this Rochester boy

Guppy Tank: The Girl with the Dragon Shaped Camel Toe

MONKEY RADIO WITH MARC PODCAST "GUPPY TANK"088 “Guppy Tank: The Girl with the Dragon Shaped Camel Toe” John is a low budget left handed shark, a shout out error, sound problems were everywhere, Marc risks frostbite, John might become a snowbird, no Florida income taxes, cat alarms, a discussion of Reddit and online comments results in a Reddit search for camel toes which brings surprising results, the story of showtime kids on the subway and the crunched cup, subway littering and the lack of regard for anyone else, has the cold snap come from thumbing your nose at mother nature, film sequels we’d love to see and what we’d do if we were the last person alive on Earth. Plus a new hilarious improv game “Guppy Tank” gives businesses with products designed to solve problems of subway performers and public camel toes the chance to pitch The Guppies to invest in them.

Educated People

EDUCATED PEOPLE076 “Educated People” An incredibly full show! Alfred Hitchcock vs James Mason, a problem with iTunes, the dangers of using work computers for personal use, a call to get off of Facebook, the profane school bus, accidentally texting to the wrong number, social media swearing the origins of phrases like honkey and get your dander up, the gigantic paella and old people dating beer goggles, Marc missed his 30th high school reunion, a movie review challenge from John for a Pacino-featured needle flick Marc can’t shake sexist thoughts after a TV audition, a new improv game “The TV Theme Twist” explores making wine with “Happy Days”, Nascar meets “I love Lucy”, buying a suit on “Gilligan’s Island”, and an “Addams Family” high school reunion!

The Corner of Park and Broadway

Michael Park“The Corner of Park and Broadway” Marc and Ben catch up on a Superbowl party near-disaster and a pyrotechnic portrait and masked priest make appearances in a new feature improvising stories told by both a devil and an angel. Marc pulls back the show curtain and scolds the listeners. End of Show Food: Did we eat buffalo or did we eat chicken? And special celebrity guest: 2-time Emmy winner for his work on “As the World Turns“, a Broadway and film star and from Marc’s hometownMichael Park shares secrets from the soap opera set, why winning his Emmys meant more to others than to him, what he’s up to now, and critical advice all actors should hear.

Good and Brad with Brad Sherwood

good and brad with brad sherwoodDownload Episode 117 “Good and Brad”  Improvisation is everywhere! Ben’s “non-story”, Marc’s noisy neighbors and the return of the great feature “If I Was In Charge of the World!” solves the problems of road traffic and child cage matches using radio controlled flocks of birds and parental fight clubs. The husband/wife movie review team Manshee Movie Reviews blows a  second chance and finagles a third, and an End of Show Food settles the stomach. Plus: a riveting and candid interview with popular TV star and “Whose Line Is It Anyway”  improvisational comedian Brad Sherwood. He talks about his start on “LA Law”, auditioning for and inside secrets from the set of  “Whose Line Is It Anyway” (including top secret games and special locked rooms) , appearing on the Tonight Show more than 100 times, performing for Washington DC, seeing himself on The Sopranos,  being on the road for years with Colin Mochrie, and must-hear advice for all improv comedians.

Generation Youtube

youtube-generation“Generation Youtube” Marc and fill-in co-host John Locke are joined by Dan Dobi, creator of the fascinating documentary film “Please Subscribe” about the impact and  YouTubers. The film gives an exclusive look and explains the phenomenon of some of the most influential and unique content creators raising the bar for online media. Marc pulls back the show curtain a bit and calls out John for not stepping up, they play a new celebrity impression game and revive “21 Rapid Fire Questions”. Plus in the End of Show Food segment Elsie introduces the 2nd of 5 wonderful  salsas provided by Casa de Jorge!