Let’s See Your Cupcakes! With Heather Saffer of Dollop Gourmet

CUPCAKES029 “Let’s See Your Cupcakes!” Marc regales a tale of being attacked by a conductor on the subway, and a game double-header with the premeier of two new games “Impress Me” (hint: It involves impressions) and “The Meh News”! Woody AllenLucille Ball, and Christopher Walken allegedly stop by! And don’t miss the 23 caret gold End of Show Food segment with Elsie and more! Guest: “Cupcake Wars” champion and frosting entrepreneur Heather Saffer  (Dollop Gourmet) exposes the business of frosting, business and fame. She might even impersonate Sarah Palin...Special thanks to Baconery.


rentakid051 “Rent-a-Kid” Back in action and with a healthy Marc, a chock-full episode! starts with John celebrating Star Wars and his strange reptile-lineage by wearing a zip-up Boba Fett costume. We cover Marc’s head injury, a reality-show update and change of heart, unexpected and awkward porn, a ridiculous food festival, an obsession with adults acting as children, overtime-ignorance, child labor stories, kid rentals, and hand burning. A round of the improvised impressions game “Impress Me” goes sour despite alleged visits from Barbara Walters and Pauly Shore. Finally in a chipper mood, Elsie gets healthier with End of Show Food. Special guest Marie Roker Jones from the Raising Great Men organization inspires us with what we can do to lead kids to be amazing adults.

Walkin’ With Christopher

WALKIN055 “Walkin’ With Christopher” As seventeen year old actor and podcast host Christopher Walen fills in for John on his first NYC visit, we explore favorite foods, Shakespeare, the joy and gamble of acting, impressions, Mickey Mouse, Christopher Walken, Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Foghorn Leghorn, a “duck off”, Ronald Reagan calls Boris Yeltsen, a real life piece of Red Square history, insights from a teenager on an impending superpower war and the idiot generation, the scary world, and a  new Shakespeare-themed improv game “I Am Iambic” features chicken-cooking and a blue wig.

Peking Duck

PEKING DUCK081 “Peking Duck” John starts the first show of 2015 out as a hologram. An announcement of a new “Shout Out” challenge, why Marc doesn’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions and the end of Marc’s daily lucky penny. The duo review their New Year celebrations and Marc regales a tale of long distance Peking Duck, an old lady and a table. A review of “Sharknado 2” brings friction to the show, and the return of the hilarious impression-based improv game “Impress Me” sees Al Pacino at a chicken eating contest and Paul Lynde reporting the death of Liberace.

Penn and Teller, Elvis and Morgan Freeman

3 Penn Teller Elvis Morgan Freeman102 “Penn and Teller, Elvis and Morgan Freeman” Butter-flavored fertilizer, pharmaceutical price gouging and Marc’s anger at Duane Reade, the worst restaurant patrons in the world, an update on the story of the evil subway conductor, meeting the great and powerful Penn and Teller and horrible audience members, and a round of the improv impression game “Impress Me” delivers Arnold Horseshack with herpes, Elvis at the beach, Cronkite reporting a moon landing hoax, and Morgan Freeman buying a car.

Short Cape

SHORT CAPE 1097 “Short Cape” John is gift-wrapped, a man with too many jackets in John’s World, the buzz about a Grey’s Anatomy death, a SWAT team mistake in the neighborhood, an ignorant pastor, sixteen stitches, a near arrest, a new game Celebrity Answering Machine brings Joan Rivers, MikeTyson, Mr. T and Sean Connery by, and a lesson in impressions.

Mickey and Billy

Melissa VillasenorDownload “Mickey and Billy”  Marc and Ben have been suspended for accidently erasing an interview with comedian Melissa Villasenor, so two rock ‘n roll drivetime British DJs (burn-out Mickey and dullard Billy from “The Mickey and Billy Show” ) fly to New York City to reluctantly take over. They call their agent to complain about disastrous conditions and they play a new game “Audible”. Plus  Elsie shares some End of Show Food—which does not go well. Special guest interview (again?) with formerMickey and Billy America’s Got Talent contestant, celebrity impressionist, rising standup comic and TV star Melissa Villasenor. Do the UK DJ’s voices sound familiar?