Hope Part 1

HOPE PART 1043 “Hope Part 1”  John is crotchety, the duo talk Russia and the End of the World, a new phonetic alphabet for the masses, social media manners, new segments of “Advice From a  Man Nearly 100 Years Old” and “Stories from New York”, a round of a secret but classic improv game fixes Ukrainian hot dog surpluses and social media  jerks. Plus an End of Show Food features pumpkin plus spicy kisses you’ve never had before! Part 1 of a heartfelt and evocative two-part interview with extraordinary artist, celebrity photographer and “Hope Is Project” documentarian Sarah Takako Skinner.

The Karmic Credit Plan

karmic062 “The Karmic Credit Plan” Peter Pan and Tinkerbell costumes, celebrity deaths, Robin William’s first film, John visits Cape Cod with whale watching, The Pancake Man, beach squatting and the Weeble lady, Ice Water ALS Challenges (vs Beer Challenges), an update on the Hope Is Project, an umbrella attack, and the improv game “Funny You Should Ask” reveals worms in Marc’s pants and John’s mirror fetish. Plus could a surprise interview with Regis reveal a new island venture with Letterman?

In a Room with a Zombie

IN A ROOM WITH A  ZOMBIE101  – “In a Room with a Zombie” John invents a new three-in-one board game, Marc was locked in a room with a zombie, an incredible coincidence, a new way to watch the GOP debate, Johns World goes to Cape Cod and John must watch sports live, a Verizon “upgrade privilege” scam?, and a new improv game “By the Way” covers strawberry picking, sailing adventure, life inside a nuclear facility, and wacky wedding deaths.

The Hope Is Project

Can hope be captured in an image?

This is the challenge survivor-turned-photographer-turned-documentarian-turned-visionary Sarah Takako Skinner plans to answer in what she hopes will the beginning of a long conversation.

HOPE PART 1Skinner’s three act (so far) life is covered in-depth in a two-part interview on “Monkey Radio with Marc”. It starts with extreme physical challenges and threat of a life cut short, from her very first day, and the story of her middle name (which is also her moniker). A thirst for knowledge of cultures and people propels her into an intriguing journey of travel, experiences and discovery of depth.  In Act Two, whether performing as an actress or clicking a shutter, Skinner is determined to weave a story. Even the process of working with a model or photo shoot subject is itself a twisted tale unique to each gig, as she massages the path to capturing that “in-between” moment of truth. Her dodging hints at how photographing music legend Steven Tyler might have been experienced tell us just enough about the prestidigitation to intrigue, but not enough to give away the trick.

Act III opens with an experiment that unfolds to reveal extraordinary finds aboutHope Part 2 what “hope” means to people in extreme circumstances, and whether it can be revealed by what they see through a lens (or what they choose to see through a lens). Skinner has stumbled onto a vision which could be an important examination of the human spirit and the relationship between what we feel and what we see.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this interview is the contrast between Skinner’s willingness to dive in and her seeming strategic nature of doing so. In fact,  the complex and compelling are by definition not simply one-note.  It is fittingly ironic (or ironically fitting) that she is peeling back layers of the concept of hope in her in-progress documentary, when she herself seems to have so many.

Hear Part 1 of 2 the interview in “Hope – Part 1″

The interview continues with “Hope  – Part 2” (coming soon)