Fights with Cara Castronuova

Marc with fitness celebrity and interview guest  Cara Castronuova

Marc with fitness celebrity and interview guest Cara Castronuova

“Fights”  A giant, world-class episode filled with bacon, guests, music and questions! Marc and Ben are on location at Baconery’s New York City headquarters, with special musical guest guitarist extraordinaire Steve Benson. They resurrect the 21 Questions game, check in with Santa’s descendent and Christmas squasher Mr. Bumblebrinks, Elsie presents a celebrity version of News That Matters, and with Manshee Movie Reviews husband and wife movie review team try to keep their marriage together as they discuss the Oscar-nominated “Silver Linings Playbook.” Bacon treats are everywhere including in a special edition of End of Show Food—and the first ever Beginning of Show Food! Plus, a truly inside-look interview with celebrity guest Cara Castronuova! The 2-time Golden Gloves boxing champion, actress and reality television star and motivational fitness trainer, and formerly on “The Biggest Loser” reveals surprising details on how she got the job on the NBC show, how she dealt with losing it, overcoming self-doubt and what she and Paul McCartney have in common.

The Wizard of Ink

Ralph Bakshi - Wizards“The Wizard of Ink” Just in time for the Oscars season, movies are in the air in a creative & thought-provoking show. The Recycled Movie Pitch makes its debut, and we learn about Tony DanzaJohn  Travolta and Ben’s internship with the Weasel People from beneath the Earth! Elsie has classic comic surprise in store for End of Show Food. Super Special Guest: Creator of the classic animated films “Fritz the Cat“, “Lord of the Rings“,”Wizards” plus imaginative films like “Cool World” & more, the infamous Ralph Bakshi shares fascinating tales of cinema-making, inside scoops, his beef with director Peter Jackson, must-hear advice for all budding animators & a current return to film animation!

Electric Cats with Colin Mochrie

ELECTRIC CATS WITH COLIN MOCHRIEDownload Episode 121 “Electric Cats” Special celebrity guest: Colin Mochrie of “Whose Line is It Anyway” fame, who has a jaw-dropping announcement about—-a reboot of a famous improv comedy show?! Plus a look at his career, his start on “Whose Line”, a visit to the Oval Office, and the “secret sauce” of improv magic. And the Great and Powerful Mochrie plays one of our very own improv games! Marc is joined by fill-in co-host John Locke, and hilarity ensues with talk of finding money, adult education, the elecrocution of cats and more! And a revival of the fun word- association game set to music “Mish Mosh Mix”. Plus Elsie offers another End of Show Food!

Double Stuffed: The Morgan Twins

The Morgan Twins on Monkey radio with Marc“Double Stuffed” Monkey Radio with Marc returns with an all new episode! The Morgan Twins join the show as special guests, fresh off their appearances on NBC’s “The Voice“, and cross over to rap exclusively during the interview! Marc and fill-in co-host John Locke complain about stuff, talk up connections with hometown excitement and why everything is funnier in the voice of an old man, rail about the infestation of the filming of the new “Spider Man“, and debut a new current-events hip-hop game: “Rapping Paper”. Plus Elsie has Cinco de Mayo on the brain in End of Show Food courtesy of Casa de Jorge salsas.

The Morgan Twins Original Song Exclusive!

It seems The Morgan Twins will appear on this season of NBC’s “The Voice“.

Cara and Rhian today

But we’ve known them for years. Years ago, after their “American Idol” experience, our host Marc wrote and recorded a song with his friends The Morgan Twins (Cara and Rhian Morgan). The song was the title track for his first CD “Basically Nowhere“. Let it be known we’ve been hoping to have them on “Monkey Radio with Marc” for some time, and you can get a copy of the tune “Basically Nowhere”, which was also featured in the film “Getting Personal“, by going to  the song on iTunes

Wherever their career goes, we hope they see huge success—they are great people and friends.

The Morgan Twins

The Morgan Twins in 2002 Copyright Marc Raco

The Morgan Twins in 2002 Copyright Marc Raco

The Morgan Twins in 2002 Copyright Marc Raco

UPDATE: The appearance of The Morgan Twins on “The Voice” was nothing short of a smashing success, with all four coaches turning their chairs in interest. Below is video of the appearance.