rentakid051 “Rent-a-Kid” Back in action and with a healthy Marc, a chock-full episode! starts with John celebrating Star Wars and his strange reptile-lineage by wearing a zip-up Boba Fett costume. We cover Marc’s head injury, a reality-show update and change of heart, unexpected and awkward porn, a ridiculous food festival, an obsession with adults acting as children, overtime-ignorance, child labor stories, kid rentals, and hand burning. A round of the improvised impressions game “Impress Me” goes sour despite alleged visits from Barbara Walters and Pauly Shore. Finally in a chipper mood, Elsie gets healthier with End of Show Food. Special guest Marie Roker Jones from the Raising Great Men organization inspires us with what we can do to lead kids to be amazing adults.

If William Shatner Was In Charge of the World

shatner1052 “If William Shatner Was In Charge of the World” John’s in a sequined gown for disco school, we cover the laws of standing in line, sex robots and solar roads, a networking scavenger hunt, Marc’s new obsession with car crash videos, a special Shatner-themed version of the classic improv game “If I Was in Charge of the World” and Elsie’s back to sweets with a red white and yellow inspired candy in End of Show Food. Special guest: corporate strategist, executive consultant, and motivational speaker Hellen Davis on how to be the best of the best.

No Lemons

no lemons053 “No Lemons” A nice, compact show for once — with lots of problems: bad yoga, boring meteor showers,  poorly-timed jokes,  John’s World,  a shocking absence at the supermarket,  plane crash gawking, a telemarketer interrupts the show, and a new impromptu problem-solving game  “Lemonade”  goes sour.  Plus Elsie tries to blow our socks off and create lighting in a  bottle with a super interesting sweet and healthy End of Show Food.

Walkin’ With Christopher

WALKIN055 “Walkin’ With Christopher” As seventeen year old actor and podcast host Christopher Walen fills in for John on his first NYC visit, we explore favorite foods, Shakespeare, the joy and gamble of acting, impressions, Mickey Mouse, Christopher Walken, Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Foghorn Leghorn, a “duck off”, Ronald Reagan calls Boris Yeltsen, a real life piece of Red Square history, insights from a teenager on an impending superpower war and the idiot generation, the scary world, and a  new Shakespeare-themed improv game “I Am Iambic” features chicken-cooking and a blue wig.

Popeye Arms

POPEYE ARMS054 “Popeye Arms” We celebrate “Slavic Clown Day” with costumes and everything! We talk Star Trek tribute shows, finding broken records, old audio formats, a national anthem is unearthed, hologram phones, Marc’s gross clown-size elbow, and John’s wife Doreen joins in for a brand new game “The Truth Fairy”! Plus Elsie brings more End of Show Food!

Edvin Is the New Boy – Part 2

EDVIN 2057 “Part 2: Edvin Is the New Boy” A confusion leads to training for parallel parking using gymnastics equipment. World Cup indifference leads to plans to spice up sporting events (hint: paintball guns, tazers and ice are involved). Inspired by absurd PDA in the subway, Marc and John trade “21 Rapid Fire Things That Annoy Me” and a round of the Hollywood-themed improv game “Recycled Movie Pitch” features eight-legged tap-dancing and an alcoholic-fueled inferno.  Elsie stops by with an unexpected spicy new sweet treat for End of Show Food. Plus Part 2 of an interview with entertainer Edvin Ortega on dodging bullets, an impromptu dance-off with his idol John Travolta, working on “Orange is the New Black”, taking on comedy with the Devil, and boy bands galore!

Edvin Is the New Boy – Part 1

edvin is the new boy056 “Part 1: Edvin Is the New Boy” John’s back and juggling cats, and we talk death, unexpected life changes, the impact of social media on tragedy, and insufficiently answered emails. A classic improv game “What If…” reveals how balloon animals and time travel could have saved Abraham Lincoln. Elsie’s got a prank food for End of Show Food. Plus an interview with entertainer Edvin Ortega on dodging bullets, an impromptu dance-off with his idol John Travolta, working on “Orange is the New Black”, taking on comedy with the Devil, and boy bands galore!