Password, Star Trek Style

STAR TREK PASSWORD087 “Star Trek Password” John has a laser gun, Marc and John speak in slow-motion, a noise complaint and the full audio from their appearance at Rocpodfest II, a shout out, the Dunkin Donuts mistake in Marc’s favor, reviews of the movie “Joe” and “The Interview”, a Valentines Day overview, a hacker friend’s music video generator, cat on a toilet, a new game inspired by two classic TV shows, and a major show announcement.


Luciar “Monkeygate” Filled-to-the-brim episode with fill-in co-host Elsie brings a new word-association game set to music “Mish Mosh Mix”, and a fresh approach to End of Show Food. Plus some lost recordings of hilarious unaired “lost tapes” segments with co-host Ben, including a near-death experience, a toilet in the hallway and the original (slightly confused) first round of “Finish My Sentence”! And a very fun featured guest interview with edgy singer/songwriter Luciar. She’s performed around the U.S. on her piano and ukulele and her voice has  been compared with Ella Fitzgerald and Tori Amos . Her single “Only Love” was released on the 2011 “GoGirlsMusicFest” CD, and she’s currently working on a very special project.

Electric Cats with Colin Mochrie

ELECTRIC CATS WITH COLIN MOCHRIEDownload Episode 121 “Electric Cats” Special celebrity guest: Colin Mochrie of “Whose Line is It Anyway” fame, who has a jaw-dropping announcement about—-a reboot of a famous improv comedy show?! Plus a look at his career, his start on “Whose Line”, a visit to the Oval Office, and the “secret sauce” of improv magic. And the Great and Powerful Mochrie plays one of our very own improv games! Marc is joined by fill-in co-host John Locke, and hilarity ensues with talk of finding money, adult education, the elecrocution of cats and more! And a revival of the fun word- association game set to music “Mish Mosh Mix”. Plus Elsie offers another End of Show Food!