The Savage Beast

Natalia Reagan "The Savage Beast" on Monkey Radio with Marc049 “The Savage Beast” In a two-hour 50th episode special, Marc and John deal with a penguin invasion, Marc’s new reality TV obsession, a fight, head injury and TV Show sneak-attack, an idea for an school for announcers, play a new Dr. Suess-themed improv game, and Elsie offers a spicy piece of bacony, chocolatey heaven. Plus an in-depth interview with TV star, comedian, actress and anthropologist Natalia Reagan reveals a Mel Brooks crush, a near drowning, and how she used boobs to teach science—plus is the third time the charm when she tries the Suess-themed game?

Wax Your Cadillac!

WAX YOUR CADILLAC080 “Wax Your Cadillac” Marc is old, John is young, as we remember 2014 and welcome 2015! The duo look back at the biggest stories of their lives in 2014 and discuss getting and giving Christmas gifts, dealing with noise complaints and watching “Sharknado” (plus a movie review challenge). A debate on the ethics of releasing emails from the Sony hacking scandal and the release of “The Interview, re-imagining films through reedited trailers, childhood memories of boobs and meatballs, an End of Show Food makes up for a previous strike-out. Plus a new improv game “Eulogy” looks back at show titles, reveals a connection between yoga and Popeye, and waxes a Cadillac.