On Top

Girl on Top“On Top” Marc and Ben roar into 2013 with a high energy show—and announcements about hitting the quarter-million-downloads milestone, plans for a special location show and the launch of “Operation Shatner/Fey/Stewart”. There’s a holiday recap, mayhem with a fun new game “21 Questions” & they explore social media addiction. Plus a fascinating interview with musical guest Karen DeBiasse of the incredible and perennial Boston-based Punk Rock band “Girl on Top” reveals an exclusive about The Beatles!  And Elsie starts the new year off very right with End of Show Food and one of the best things we’ve ever eaten!

Fights with Cara Castronuova

Marc with fitness celebrity and interview guest  Cara Castronuova

Marc with fitness celebrity and interview guest Cara Castronuova

“Fights”  A giant, world-class episode filled with bacon, guests, music and questions! Marc and Ben are on location at Baconery’s New York City headquarters, with special musical guest guitarist extraordinaire Steve Benson. They resurrect the 21 Questions game, check in with Santa’s descendent and Christmas squasher Mr. Bumblebrinks, Elsie presents a celebrity version of News That Matters, and with Manshee Movie Reviews husband and wife movie review team try to keep their marriage together as they discuss the Oscar-nominated “Silver Linings Playbook.” Bacon treats are everywhere including in a special edition of End of Show Food—and the first ever Beginning of Show Food! Plus, a truly inside-look interview with celebrity guest Cara Castronuova! The 2-time Golden Gloves boxing champion, actress and reality television star and motivational fitness trainer, and formerly on “The Biggest Loser” reveals surprising details on how she got the job on the NBC show, how she dealt with losing it, overcoming self-doubt and what she and Paul McCartney have in common.

Monkey Sing Monkey Do

Chad Beguelin“Monkey Sing Monkey Do” PART 2 of our visit to Baconery! Marc, Ben & Elsie play an unforgettable “Make Up a Song” with world-class guitarist Steve Benson & Ben goes for a Grammy with a never-ending tune.  Bacon‘s everywhere & a special edition of “End of Show Food”.  Blogger Kimberly Dinaro’s “Kimpulsive” notes the underbelly of Valentine’s Day. Guest: 2-time Tony Award nominee, Drama Desk Award winner, Broadway lyricist & writer for shows like “Elf,” “The Wedding Singer” the upcoming “Aladdin” Chad Beguelin shares insider audition secrets for musical theater actors, transitioning “Elf” & “The Wedding Singer” from screen to stage, zombie inspiration, & songwriting process! Plus an exclusive original song on the spot just for us!  A must-hear for any theatre actor!

The Corner of Park and Broadway

Michael Park“The Corner of Park and Broadway” Marc and Ben catch up on a Superbowl party near-disaster and a pyrotechnic portrait and masked priest make appearances in a new feature improvising stories told by both a devil and an angel. Marc pulls back the show curtain and scolds the listeners. End of Show Food: Did we eat buffalo or did we eat chicken? And special celebrity guest: 2-time Emmy winner for his work on “As the World Turns“, a Broadway and film star and from Marc’s hometownMichael Park shares secrets from the soap opera set, why winning his Emmys meant more to others than to him, what he’s up to now, and critical advice all actors should hear.

Good and Brad with Brad Sherwood

good and brad with brad sherwoodDownload Episode 117 “Good and Brad”  Improvisation is everywhere! Ben’s “non-story”, Marc’s noisy neighbors and the return of the great feature “If I Was In Charge of the World!” solves the problems of road traffic and child cage matches using radio controlled flocks of birds and parental fight clubs. The husband/wife movie review team Manshee Movie Reviews blows a  second chance and finagles a third, and an End of Show Food settles the stomach. Plus: a riveting and candid interview with popular TV star and “Whose Line Is It Anyway”  improvisational comedian Brad Sherwood. He talks about his start on “LA Law”, auditioning for and inside secrets from the set of  “Whose Line Is It Anyway” (including top secret games and special locked rooms) , appearing on the Tonight Show more than 100 times, performing for Washington DC, seeing himself on The Sopranos,  being on the road for years with Colin Mochrie, and must-hear advice for all improv comedians.

The Wizard of Ink

Ralph Bakshi - Wizards“The Wizard of Ink” Just in time for the Oscars season, movies are in the air in a creative & thought-provoking show. The Recycled Movie Pitch makes its debut, and we learn about Tony DanzaJohn  Travolta and Ben’s internship with the Weasel People from beneath the Earth! Elsie has classic comic surprise in store for End of Show Food. Super Special Guest: Creator of the classic animated films “Fritz the Cat“, “Lord of the Rings“,”Wizards” plus imaginative films like “Cool World” & more, the infamous Ralph Bakshi shares fascinating tales of cinema-making, inside scoops, his beef with director Peter Jackson, must-hear advice for all budding animators & a current return to film animation!


 Maija DiGiorgio“Outlaws”  A truly unleashed episode, with a near miss with the law just before showtime in Ben’s World, a new game “The Real Story” gives a warped  look at current events, and Elsie presents our first recently-illegal substance for End of Show Food!?!?! Special Guest: One of the most popular female comedians in America Maija DiGiorgio. Also an actor, film director and host and activist, the one-time radio cohost for New York City’s #1 radio show and curent president of Hollywood Outlaws Comedy Network dives into what’s funny, who’s not, what Richard Pryor had to do with benching her documentary, the phone call that led to a huge radio gig and a lawsuit, why she has 400 hours of interview outtakes of famous comedians, her in-progress film about Famika and how she is all over ObamaThe Tea Party and the USA.