The Horrible Game

HORRIBL GAME048 “The Horrible Game” In an accidentally UK-themed episode, Marc and John talk embarrassingly bad national anthem singing, the origins of “The Star Spangled Banner” as a British drinking song, revisit RocPodfest 2014 and play a new game “Recasted” which fails miserably.  Plus an idea for a board game about impressions and a Guinness-themed  End of Show Food rescue the show in the nick of time.

Two Ropes

Two Ropes

098 “Two Ropes” The gang’s all here and John is counting his five dollar bills and stressed about his graduation party. Retirements, a horrible graduation speaker, a salute to a theater great, John’s job is in jeopardy, a visit to the Lilac Festival, Marc’s mother makes her first appearance on the show, a round of the comedy improv game “Dramatic Pause” goes to the florist and results in a discussion about what makes the hosts poop. And a spicy return of Elsie and “End of Show Food”!


The Big Game Game

the big game game085 “The Big Game Game” John is The Penguin, Marc and John give twin shout outs and cover their bets in advance on the Superbowl winner, Marc’s cold results in research into scary bacteria and yeasts, there is hope for the Catholic Church, and online translation inconsistencies turns into a discussion about tomato sauce thank-you’s. Marc calls an audible and invents the Superbowl themed play-by-play improv game “The Big Game Game”, and Elsie’s timely beer-themed End of Show Food reminds the crew of laundry.