Fruity Peoples

annoying-orange-postDownload “Fruity Peoples” Ben and Marc return after their suspension. They discuss Ben’s chicken fiasco, Marc’s appearance on Law and Order SVU and what he and Colonel Sanders now have in common.  A review of sports knowledge turns up a bad memory from Marc’s childhood and Elsie offers some unpopular End of Show Food. Plus special guests  Aaron Massey and Bob Jennings, producers, animators and voice actors for the insanely popular web series (and now TV series on the Cartoon NetworkThe Annoying Orange!!!

The Wizard of Ink

Ralph Bakshi - Wizards“The Wizard of Ink” Just in time for the Oscars season, movies are in the air in a creative & thought-provoking show. The Recycled Movie Pitch makes its debut, and we learn about Tony DanzaJohn  Travolta and Ben’s internship with the Weasel People from beneath the Earth! Elsie has classic comic surprise in store for End of Show Food. Super Special Guest: Creator of the classic animated films “Fritz the Cat“, “Lord of the Rings“,”Wizards” plus imaginative films like “Cool World” & more, the infamous Ralph Bakshi shares fascinating tales of cinema-making, inside scoops, his beef with director Peter Jackson, must-hear advice for all budding animators & a current return to film animation!

Is Anything Better Than Naked Justin Bieber?

New photos have appeared of a fully nude, except for a guitar, pop singer and perennial irritant Justin Bieber. No doubt this will result in tremendous Internet frenzy and activity.

Is there anything else debuting on the Internet that can top that? We think so—-

Monkey Radio with Marc releases another installment in the “Monkey Radio with Marc Animated Series”! In Episode 9, “The Internship,” Ben regaled a tale of a strange and dangerous college internship, involving a mystical race known as The Weasel People.
Prepare to be amazed. And as an added bonus, for the protection of all humanity, no nudity here.

And, also, no Biebers. You’re welcome.