My Sarah Palin Channel (dot com)

I didn’t think Stephen Colbert should be the only one.

A brilliant and satirical move by Colbert to purchase —- genius.

As a tip of the hat to Colbert, and a move to jump on the bandwagon (and perhaps a risen middle finger to Palin) I am now the proud owner of “”

Thank you, thank you…you’re too kind. Please take a seat…..allow me to fill you in.

You see—I hate Sarah Palin. Well, I don’t actually know her. She might be a delightful person.

I just think she’s a genuine idiot. Mostly because she doesn’t realize she’s said alleged¬† idiot. Methinks she thinks she’s got it together enough to actually help run a country. Or a state. Or a channel.

Admittedly, I might also be an idiot, but I didn’t embarrass myself by running for Vice President of the United States of America. (I embarrass myself in other ways.)

Old news. Except when she keeps sticking her head out of the hole we thought she fell into, like Punxsutawney Phil. Turns out its always six more weeks of Caribou Barbie.

What I am comfortable doing is associating something as silly and trivial as “Monkey Radio” with “Sarah Palin” by buying up my own Sarah Palin Channel domain name. And as a bonus, since the former Governor has made is clear she is a creationist, it is not lost on us that a monkey is an ironic symbol of the exact opposite view of how humans have come to exist.

At the moment, we have the domain pointed to our website for the podcast (which, by the way, happens to currently be the number one program on this shiny new channel)

After all, where else?

Perhaps, though, I should consider if it should be pointed elsewhere. Let’s see—what would be fitting…? The Church of Scientology? Katie Couric? The DNC? (Maybe the Washington Post?) Or perhaps I use my powers for good, and open it up to a struggling business which could use the attention. Decisions, decisions…

For now, I am content to know I have exercised a bit of Free Speech, satire and homage in my protest to any additional attention given to that lady with the glasses who once ran for office and might have actually helped put our current President in office because of her own shortcomings (or at least her gall to say yes when tapped for the chance at higher office). Kinda might explain why she’s so ticked off at the guy, especially lately. I mean, it’s just plain old embarrassing. But seriously lady–let it go! Don’t you have fish to catch or something?

Maybe she will suddenly awaken out of a stupor and realize most of us are laughing at her. Not cheering for her. We are simply very easily entertained watching clowns and people tripping over themselves.  We just want to see how spectacularly flames out, crashes and burns.

And of course how flatlines.

Then we point and laugh at how easy it was to redirect attention from an attention whore and rubberneck at all the resulting debris.

For now, I am just happy to offer up my alternative to anything the former Governor offers. Everyone is welcome.

Oh, and Ms. Palin, any time you’d like to come on the show for an interview we’d be happy to have you.