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John Locke Co-Host of "Monkey Radio with Marc"John hasn’t seen them yet, Marc assigns them, so John watches them then he reviews them. That’s pretty much it.



Rating: 6/6 wealthy women

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. The tag line should be “things aren’t always what they seem”. In this movie, we are introduced to Lawrence JohnsonDirty_rotten_scoundrels_film (played by Michael Caine). Johnson is a suave con man, getting rich ladies to finance his lifestyle by pretending to be a prince from a war torn nation. While on a train he meets Freddy Benson, (Steve Martin’s character), small-time con man that also takes from the rich ladies, but thinks a big score is $20, which will get you a Grande Salted Caramel Latte at Starbucks. They arrive in Beaumont su Mer, a small town of the French coast, where tourism probably increased because of this movie. This movie is a take on the old American western idea of “this town ain’t big enough for the both of us”; Johnson does everything to get Benson out of town, including teaching him some new skills. When Freddy decides to stay a little longer then expected, Lawrence proposes a wager. The first one to get $50,000 from a wealthy woman leaves su Mer, or Mer, or Beaumont. Their mark turns out to be the United States Soap Queen Janet Colgate (skillfully played by Glenne Headly), who literally stumbles right into their game. The con is on! Who will win? I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns of this movie and, just when I had this one figured out, it gave me one more twist that made me wish for more. I loved “Dirty, Rotten, Scoundrels”. This is certainly one movie that I wished they had made a sequel.


Rating: 6/6 Fists

In “Fight Club” we meet the Narrator (Ed Norton). Narrator works in a dead-end boring office job for an unmentioned major automobile company. He can’t sleep and cannot get any good drugs from his stereotypical Indian doctor, so he begins attending support groups of every kind. He starts with a group for men with testicular cancer, moves on the AA, something called “Glorious Day” and even goes to an Incest Survivors Group. It helps with his sleep, and in no time he is sleeping like a baby who has been drugged by his parents to sleep at night so they can sneak out and go drinking. In one of these groups he meets Marla Singer, played by Helena Bonham Carter. She is also attending meetings, but she’s there for the free coffee and donuts, and maybe the free cigarettes (because she fires one up during every meeting). They don’t exactly hit it off, and agree to split the meetings in order to avoid each other (or so it seems). Later, on one of his many cross country flights to tell people their cars are safe, Norton meets Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) a lackadaisical soap salesman. They strike up an odd couple sort of friendship, and after the narrator’s apartment blows up, he stays with his new friend Durden. During a night of excessive drinking, Tyler has the narrator hit him. Tyler strikes Narrator back, and this begins a fun frolicking night of kicking and punching. They decide that it’s fun to start fights, and think other men might enjoy rolling around the floor with another man, clinging to their sweaty bodies, in a night of beating each other (to a pulp). So they begin a fight club. The idea takes off, and soon there are fight clubs in all the major cities in the United States, or at least where Durden has travelled to. I would have done an infomercial, since it would have been a lot cheaper than flying to all those cities, but hey this is not my film and they have a bigger budget than me. As the film progresses you begin to realize that something is not right with Narrator, or something is not right with Durden. Maybe these two have more in common than your think. To get the answer to this mind blowing question, check out “Fight Club”, available on iTunes, or your local Torrent site, if you so desire to break the law. Just don’t beat yourself up over it.



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