Monkey Games

Games we made up and play

Click samples below to play audio of the games!

More games we play…. Samples to come

  • Jingle Jam
  • The Meh News
  • Audition
  • Trek or Treat
  • Impress Me
  • Once Upon a Time
  • A Twisted Tale
  • What’s the Deal?
  • Funny You Should Ask!
  • What Would Arnold Do?
  • 21 Rapid Fire Things That Annoy Me
  • I Am Iambic
  • The Truth Fairy
  • Lemonade
  • Suess This!
  • Recasted
  • Rap This
  • The Big Announcement
  • Howard Cosell
  • TV Theme Twist
  • Eulogy
  • Tune Up
  • The Big Game Game
  • Celebrity Answering Machine
  • Celebrity Siri
  • Obviously!
  • Guppy Tank
  • Star Trek Password

If I were in Charge of the World!        

(clip with special guest comedian Brad Sherwood)​

If Animals Ran the World

 Make up a Song

A Twisted Tale

The Real Story

The Recycled Movie Pitch

What If…         

(clip with special guest filmmaker Miles Maker)​

21 Rapid Fire Questions


Mish Mosh Mix

Finish My Sentence

Make a Joke

(clip with guest comedian Sabrina Jalees)​

Silver Lining

Black Cloud

Dramatic Pause

(Clip with guest Spencer Garrett)

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