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Monkey Radio with Marc "Superheros Are People Too" www.monkeyradio.infoEpisode 030 “Superheros Are People Too”  SUPERSIZED SHOW! Marc has stories about losing a toe, a crazy focus group for a major British clothing brand, a chipmunk invasion in John’s World, and a submarine fire as we revisit a classic Monkey Radio game “Finish My sentence!” Plus a scary and textured End of Show Food from Elsie. Guest: Actor/producer Andrew Roth, star of the upcoming major release “My Name Is Paul” , the TV project “Amnesia“, along with films “Squidman“, “Aversion“, “Praxis” and many more. We talk about his career, martial arts and why he isn’t a superhero in real life.



Monkey Radio with Marc "Cupcake" www.monkeyradio.info

Episode 029 “Check out My Cupcakes!” Marc regales a tale of being attacked by a conductor on the subway, and a game double-header with the premeier of two new games “Impress Me” (hint: It involves impressions) and “The Meh News”! Woody Allen, Lucille Ball, and Christopher Walken allegedly stop by! And don’t miss the 23 caret gold End of Show Food segment with Elsie and more! Guest: “Cupcake Wars” champion and frosting entrepreneur Heather Saffer (Dollop Gourmet) exposes the business of frosting, business and fame. She might even impersonate Sarah Palin...Special thanks to Baconery.com ! Download  iTunes



Monkey Radio with Marc "Cavity Search" Alex Mann www.monkey radio.infoEpisode 028 “Cavity Search”  Marc and John make major “oral” announcement, share big show news, play an hilarious round of “If Animals Ran the World” involving elephants with their pants on the ground! Also, Elsie has a surprise End of Show Food. Guest: Comedy writer, actor, producer and blogger Alex J. Mann, known for his work on the Fuse TV show Billy on the Street as well as SomeEcardsBuzzFeed,NickelodeonMad Magazine,  Funny or DieConversations with a Twitter Feed  and Startup Diaries.


Raw LeibaEpisode 027 “Cyborgs” Marc and John explore the dawning of humanoid-like robots, Gordon Ramsey and Kitchen Nightmares, and play an old favorite hilarious improvisational movie-concept game “What If”. Elsie brings a very meaty End of Show Food. Guest: Film and TV actor, stuntman, producer, and sports model, (once proclaimed by Gym Magazine as the fittest human on Earth)—fresh off the Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy movie “The Heat”Raw Leiba! He shares his incredible story and background, hanging out with Howard Stern, being a radio DJ, winning a reality TV show, appearing on SNL, working with Dwayne “The Rock ” Johnson, knowing Cindy Crawford, being Native American, buzz about a possible principal role in Marvel’s rumored Black Panther movie  as well as what’s coming up next. Plus Raw plays a round of “What If”!


"Eggdance" Monkey Radio with Marc www.monkeyradio.infoEpisode 026 “Eggdance” We talk emotional eating and bubble teas, toys for boys and  John’s World. Plus the return of the always satisfying “21 Rapid Fire Questions”! Elsie offers a semi-musical version of End of Show Food. Guest: Rising and award-winning filmmaker Matthew Ehlers of Eggwork Productions discusses the light-speed evolution, wacky world and challenges of indie filmmaking , his latest films “Mime Flyer“, “Old Timey Steroids“, and “Smoking Laws“, and reveals his next projects  and adventures.


Monkey Radio with Marc "Getting Back Up" - Cancer Dancing and Courage Cooking www.monkeyradio.infoEpisode 025 “Getting Back Up” – Cancer Dancing and Courage Cooking SPECIAL WHOPPING DOUBLE-HEADER EPISODE Two extraordinary stories of turning tragedy into inspirationMonkey Radio returns with a new co-host, a new game and two special guests. John Locke debuts as regular co-host and we talk old man googly eyes, we try out the new game Broken News, and Elsie has a fun End of Show Food! We make a special show announcement. Plus interviews with two extraordinary women. First Tiffany Staropoli shares her story of turning a cancer diagnosis into a public dance that has resulted in a growing movement to get her on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Then we meet Shira Siry, who has morphed the suddent loss of her famed chef husband Michael Siry into an effort to help the underprivileged and the very public race to a finish line.


Monkey Radio with Marc www.monkeyradio.info "A Kardashian That Matters" - The Amazing Story of an Extraordinary American Episode 024 “A Kardashian That Matters” – The Amazing Story of an Extraordinary American Special Memorial Day Episode  In an extended interview, Marc and fill-in co-host Elsie welcome to the show a real life angel —Angie Kardashian—who lives a life of selfless service. The  long time successful California restaurant owner  gave it all up and exhausted her personal savings after September 11th, to move to New York City to cook for more than 100 Firefighter stations in The Big Apple. She shares this  amazing two year story, and how it is merely the first chapter of how she has committed her life to impacting others. Marc and Elsie share how they became introduced to Angie–another intriguing tale.  Visit her website at www.acalltoserve.com. Marc and Elsie play a quick round of yet another new guessing game (like name that tune, only with snapping) “Snaps” And Elsie brings Salsa #3 to End of Show Food, courtesy of Casa de Jorge salsas. Download iTunes






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