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annoying-orange-postEpisode 009  “Fruity Peoples” Ben and Marc return after their suspension. They discuss Ben’s chicken fiasco, Marc’s appearance on Law and Order SVU and what he and Colonel Sanders now have in common.  A review of sports knowledge turns up a bad memory from Marc’s childhood and Elsie offers some unpopular End of Show Food. Plus special guests  Aaron Masseyand Bob Jennings, producers, animators and voice actors for the insanely popular web series (and now TV series on the Cartoon NetworkThe Annoying Orange!!! Download

EMelissa Villasenorpisode 008 : “The Mickey and Billy Show” Marc and Ben have been suspended for accidently erasing an interview with comedian Melissa Villasenor, so two rock ‘n roll drivetime British DJs (burn-out Mickey and dullard Billy from “The Mickey and Billy Show” ) fly to New York City to reluctantly take over. They call their agent to complain about disastrous conditions and they play a new game “Audible”. Plus  Elsie shares some End of Show Food—which does not go well. Special guest interview (again?) with former America’s Got Talent contestant, celebrity impressionist, rising standup comic and TV star Melissa Villasenor. Do the UK DJ’s voices sound familiar? Download
Luciar Episode 007 “Monkeygate” Filled-to-the-brim episode with fill-in co-host Elsie brings a new word-association game set to music “Mish Mosh Mix”, and a fresh approach to End of Show Food. Plus some lost recordings of hilarious unaired “lost tapes” segments with co-host Ben, including a near-death experience, a toilet in the hallway and the original (slightly confused) first round of “Finish My Sentence”! And a very fun featured guest interview with edgy singer/songwriter Luciar. She’s performed around the U.S. on her piano and ukulele and her voice has  been compared with Ella Fitzgerald and Tori Amos . Her single “Only Love” was released on the 2011 “GoGirlsMusicFest” CD, and she’s currently working on a very special project.

Gregg AkkermanEpisode 006 “Trump and the Pterodactyl” In this riotous episode we celebrate 100,000 downloads, announce the new website www.monkeyradio.info, debut the Monkey Radio animated series and meet the new  co-host Ben Rose. We talk of Donald Trump being attacked by flying dinosaur, an oreo -offering hippo, kicking celebrity asses and  why we hate David Hasselhof and Sean Penn, a round of “Finish My Sentence,” Elsie brings us a strange End of Show Food (three fifty!!). Plus—appparantly we cure cancer! Featured guest author and jazz musician Dr, Gregg Akkerman, who discusses his book about the life of famed jazz singer Johnny Hartman.

BOBBY MAVILLE Episode 005 “Dizzy Monk” (Special deluxe super sized episode – no extra charge at 82 minutes!) Elsie returns as co-host for another round of “If I Were in Charge of the World”, and a top ten list of strange money-making businesses. We talk about an invisible suit, Elsie’s cat has a job, and some big announcements—plus an exciting surprise gift for the Monkey Radio crew! Featured guest  “Holy Smith” singer/songwriter, coffeehouse favorite and former internationally known prankster Bobby Maville. Maville plays driving folk music with a hip hop flavor which tend to have political or spiritual undertones. A not-to-be missed episode!

Jamie Lissow Stand UpEpisode 004 “Crickets” Special bonus-minutes show (65 minutes) Our producer Elsie is back one last time as co-host! Mitt Romney calls in and reveals his “Binder Economic Stimulus Plan,” we talk about favorite TV shows, explore the top ten discontinued cool foods, play a round of  “If I Were In Charge of the World” and are joined by rising standup comic, “Tonight Show” and “Star Search” veteran and radiopersonality Jamie Lissow. And we hint at a new co-host on the next show? Plus—Elsie picks another end of show food!

Sabrina JaleesEpisode 003 “Halloween Mafia” A manic and “jam-packed with strawberries” episode with Elsie in again as co-host  as we cover The Bacon Shortage, submit to the teenage Halloween mafia, we try (not) getting to know Elsie, we bomb at a new game “make up a joke” and we discuss strawberries, submarines, inaccurate Wikipedia info and bedbugs with featured call-in guest  well-known half-Pakistani-half-Swiss Canadian comic, columnist and TV personality  Sabrina Jalees.


Kacey CardinEpisode 002 “Surprise Sidekick”  In this jam-packed episode, a call from the French police, a surprise co-host, the story of Turty the turtle, we play “if cats ran the world” and a round of “make up a song on the spot”, we learn about stupid criminals, our producer Elsie picks a strange food of the week, and a call from special guest Kacey Cardin — opera Diva, redneck reality TV star, burlesque performer, actress and much more!


23 WORDSEpisode 001 “23 Words” Marc and Joey talk France and Grand Moff Tarkin, whether Don Knotts is a real celebrity and meeting Jon Stewart, as well as offer up a love/hate letter to New York City. Plus Frank the New Yorker makes an appearance. Special guest interview with teen sensation and recording artist, and star of the Oxygen Network series “The Next Big Thing”, Rachel (Filsoof) Lorin. Plus Elsie makes her brief, first appearance! Download  iTunes


Heather EdwardsEpisode 000 “Making Music” The very first “Monkey Radio with Marc” episode! In this very full music-rich premiere show (updated to reflect the current show format and re-released in 2013) host Marc Raco talks in-studio with the energetic, witty and talented New York musician and songwriter Heather Edwards about her music, the songwriting process, the struggles of artists, and all things Heather Edwards! This earnest and thought-provoking  interview is a must-hear for any rising musician! Heather’s music and music videos are available at www.heatheredwards.net.

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