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Chad BeguelinEpisode 015 “Monkey Sing Monkey Do” A Blogtalk Radio Featured Show for 02/05/13!  SPONSORED BY BACONERY PART 2 of our visit to Baconery! Marc, Ben & Elsie play an unforgettable “Make Up a Song” with world-class guitarist Steve Benson & Ben goes for a Grammy with a never-ending tune.  Bacon‘s everywhere & a special edition of “End of Show Food”.  Blogger Kimberly Dinaro’s “Kimpulsive” notes the underbelly of Valentine’s Day. Guest: 2-time Tony Award nominee, Drama Desk Award winner, Broadway lyricist & writer for shows like “Elf,” “The Wedding Singer” the upcoming “Aladdin” Chad Beguelin shares insider audition secrets for musical theater actors, transitioning “Elf” & “The Wedding Singer” from screen to stage, zombie inspiration, & songwriting process! Plus an exclusive original song on the spot just for us!  A must-hear for any theatre actor!


Cara CastronuovaEpisode 014 “Fights” A BLOGTALK RADIO FEATURED “STAFF PICK” SHOW FOR 01/28/13! SPONSORED BY BACONERY AND MONKEY RADIO WITH MARC’S AMAZON PAGE  A giant, world-class episode filled with bacon, guests, music and questions! Marc and Ben are on location at Baconery’s New York City headquarters, with special musical guest guitarist extraordinaire Steve Benson. They resurrect the 21 Questions game, check in with Santa’s descendent and Christmas squasher Mr. Bumblebrinks, Elsie presents a celebrity version of News That Matters, and with Manshee Movie Reviews husband and wife movie review team try to keep their marriage together as they discuss the Oscar-nominated “Silver Linings Playbook.” Bacon treats are everywhere including in a special edition of End of Show Food—and the first ever Beginning of Show Food! Plus, a truly inside-look interview with celebrity guest Cara Castronuova! The 2-time Golden Gloves boxing champion, actress and reality television star and motivational fitness trainer, and formerly on “The Biggest Loser” reveals surprising details on how she got the job on the NBC show, how she dealt with losing it, overcoming self-doubt and what she and Paul McCartney have in common.


Miles MakerEpisode 013: “What If” SPONSORED BY BACONERY  In honor of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in progress at the time of this episode, a show full of imagination, frustration and the innards of Hollywood. Marc and Ben explore inappropriate  public displays and arguments,  and a very entertaining  improvisational movie-concept game called “What If” leads to a presidential phone call to aliens, the evacuation of all human life, a homicidal robot, and the unlikely friendship between a Swiss hiker, a hippo and a mouse . Plus an interview with filmmaker Miles Maker (“Pariah”) explores everything from the significance of beer patches to the inside scoop on surviving Hollywood. Elsie offers the first beverage for End of Show Food.

Girl on TopEpisode 012:  “On Top” A BLOGTALK FEATURED STAFF PICK SHOW SPONSORED BY BACONERY.COM Marc and Ben roar into 2013 with a high energy show—and announcements about hitting the quarter-million-downloads milestone, plans for a special location show and the launch of “Operation Shatner/Fey/Stewart”. There’s a holiday recap, mayhem with a fun new game “21 Questions” & they explore social media addiction. Plus a fascinating interview with musical guest Karen DeBiasse of the incredible and perennial Boston-based Punk Rock band “Girl on Top” reveals an exclusive about The Beatles!  And Elsie starts the new year off very right with End of Show Food and one of the best things we’ve ever eaten!

SantaEpisode 011  “Monkey on 34th Street” (The Christmas Special) A BLOGTALK RADIO FEATURED SHOW FOR 12/19/12 SPONSORED BY BACONERY.COM Marc and Elsie celebrate the holidays with a Christmas special, sharing their Christmas traditions and stories, listing the best Christmas  movies and TV specials, and offering up an Oscar–worthy performance of select lines from the Rankin and Bass classic “Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer”. Plus an exclusive interview with special guest Mr. Bumblebrinks, the only known descendant of Santa Claus, who has an urgent message for everyone this holiday which might endanger Christmas. And a holiday treat for End of Show Food!


Monsters Dash John Threat and Karma SutraEpisode 010 “Monster Threat” A Blogtalk Radio Featured “Staff Pick” for 12/10/12!!! Sponsored by BACONERY.COM Marc and Ben celebrate their new sponsor BACONERY and enjoy with Elsie the most heavenly End of Show Food ever! They discuss apprenticeships for the homeless, Ben’s lackluster Shakespearean date, grocery karate, Marc’s scary acupuncture, and more! Plus a riveting not-to-be-missed interview with world famous computer hacker turnedfilmmaker  John Threat.




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