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WINEWORX EPISODEEpisode 034 “The Color of Wine” SPECIAL THANKSGIVING EPISODE A blockbuster episode! Thanksgiving is a time for family and for feasting! Marc and John are on location at Wineworx in Rochester, NY, where Marc’s father and his business partner teach people how to make wine! We talk wine and business and more with owners Tom Raco and Tony Toscano and we hear from an old friend, Santa Claus’ only remaining relative “Mr. Bumblebrinx”, who needs a Christmas miracle! We talk Christmas is too early this year, prescriptions for cats and a new feature debuts, “Good Grandpa: Life Advice From Someone Who’s Lived Almost a Hundred Years”, with real-life wisdom from Marc’s nearly century-old grandfather. Special live music guest appearance by songwriter Bobby Maville as the house band for the day! And a double-header Rochester-style End of Show Food to round out this holiday special! Download Episode


www.monkeyradio.infoEpisode 033 “Censored: Talking Nonsense” Marc and John lambast interview guests who don’t promote their interviews, how ineffective is the Do Not Call Registry, play an old game “Make Up a Song” and a new game “Funny You Should Ask”. Plus Elsie supplies an End of Show Food with BBQ and chocolate (YUM)!  Guest: Rene Tem, former American Idol contestant and model. She discusses American Idol, her career, her business, and her potentially controversial decision to pose nude. Download Episode


Guest Evan GinzburgEpisode 032 “Talent Wrestling” A Blogtalk Radio Staff Pick for 11/15/13 Marc laments on inappropriate audience members when seeing “Bad Grandpa“, we hear a special official celebrity Obamacare apology, try out the new game “Howard Cosell,” and enjoy a sweet mocktail-themed End of Show Food! Guest: TV/Radio host, film producer, wrestling aficionado, author and advocate for rising talent Evan Ginzburg (Legends Radio and Legends TV) goes into depth on the importance of the arts, legendary musicians and what keeps musicians and arists from becoming successful. Download Episode


Monkey Radio with Marc www.monkeyradio.infoEpisode 031 “Culinary Catwalk Diva: Caffeine, Cigarettes and Big Dreams” Marc and John celebrate the Boston Red Sox win, share some updates, complain about cat constipation, waiting in doctor offices and enduring commercials to watch advertisements, and a new rhyming game goes down in flames. Elsie brings a bit of prohibition into End of Show Food. Plus we start a new segment following a remarkable young woman Anna Steglinski on her public weight loss journey.  Guest: Tammy Darnell, author of “Laughter, Life Lessons and Logic – From the Culinary Catwalk Diva Queen of the Waitress World“. She discusses her book and dishes on her life and times in the restaurant arena. Through rude customers and scalding hot plates, she somehow manages to keep her bearings (and her apron) intact.




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