Family Guy: A Special Tribute Celebrating the Life of a Grandfather

family guy050 “Family Guy: A Special Tribute Celebrating the Life of a Grandfather” A moving, intimate, personal episode focuses on the life and passing of Marc’s 99 year old grandfather Thomas Raco. With audio clips, memories, discussions of loss, and personal memories and reflection, Marc and John remember a World War II veteran, winemaker, fisherman, NY Yankee fan, and family man. With a guest appearance by the great Buzz Burbank.

No Service

NO SERVICE060 “No Service” In this Elsie-less episode John deals with three steaks and a widow next door with dementia. Marc regales a tale of drinks with former co-host Ben riddled with customer service fiascoes. They cover restaurant tipping, sixteenth century social media and stumble through a game of “Finish My Sentence”.

Cuchi Cuchi

CUCHI CUCHI105 “Cuchi Cuchi” John needs a teleprompter, celebrity sightings, a live TV show, the overexposure of Lamar Odom, the presidential debate, heel problems, unwelcome construction, the wrong electrical box, Lawrence of Arabia, a movie review challenge, car problems, a new school bus driver, major news about Chester the cat, Orson Wells and Charo drop by for a round of 21 Rapid Fire Celebrity Questions, and Elsie returns with a mind-blowing End of Show Food!

The Follicle American

THE FOLLICLE AMERICAN104 “The Follicle American” John is carrying an elephant gun, Marc talks positive attitude when John’s World reveals job hunting, Marc dodges a reality TV show and gets beaten out by a stunt driver for another, the disappointing Emmys broadcast, bald vs. black, is Marc and American, a Limetown surprise, the Peanuts Gang returns as adults, a round of “What If” travels from Green Peppers in Dallas to a Strawberry Shortcake bomb, and Elsie returns for End of Show Food with monkey fruit!

Honey Baby

HONEY BABY099  “Honey, Baby” John is large in this 99th episode, Marc’s improv workshop leads to playing games, an app that finds dirty public bathrooms, John’s car has ears, a debate on workplace nickname harassment, if it bleeds it leads, the bias of news media by accepting and focusing on Caitlyn vs. Bruce, a round of the comedy improv game the Meh News brings a bad router and a stone skipping lesson gone wrong, and Elsie has more spicy goodness for End of Show Food.

To a Father with Alzheimer’s on Father’s Day

father's day alzheimersMy friend, New York actor Kyle Johnson, posted this note on Facebook today. This was one of the most wonderful tributes to a father I have seen to date. My grandmother had Alzheimer’s disease, and so did my girlfriend’s grandmother. When we read this post it touched us both and Kyle kindly gave me permission to share it here. Kyle, your father should be proud. And so, it seems, he is.


Does My Father Remember Me on Father’s Day?

by Kyle Johnson

Early 2013 I was waiting at a bus stop in Greenpoint with my roommate and her mom. We were headed to Williamsburg for some chicken and waffles. My mom called and updated me about a doctor visit; my dad’s diagnosis was Alzheimer’s.

He had been forgetting little things before then: directions, when my mom would be home from work. Watering the yard he built and landscaped years before had become a struggle. Driving became off limits after a car accident. Then a fractured pelvis after a fall from the roof showed us that he needed to be somewhere safe, so my mom decided he should be in a group care facility.

The first time I saw him after his move he cried. He never cries. But this man who had built the house I grew up in was now an old man and a child, all in one. He smiled and laughed once while I was home last summer in response to a snarky comment by my grandpa.

We never know what he’ll lose next. It gets a little worse every day. When I speak to him on the phone we have a simple two or three sentence conversation before he loses focus, then he returns again a few moments later and we repeat the whole process.

My mom called me back one day earlier this year and told me, “I forgot to mention… Dad asks if you’re visiting every day. And I tell him, ‘Oh, not today. He’s in New York.’ And he says, ‘He really likes it there.’ So he thinks about you every day.”

I think about him every day too.

Happy Father’s Day to every father out there.

Happy Longest Day to everyone putting in man hours supporting a world where Alzheimer’s exists.

Here’s to dignity and here’s to life.


For more on Alzheimer’s Disease, visit The Alzheimer’s Association


Two Ropes

Two Ropes

098 “Two Ropes” The gang’s all here and John is counting his five dollar bills and stressed about his graduation party. Retirements, a horrible graduation speaker, a salute to a theater great, John’s job is in jeopardy, a visit to the Lilac Festival, Marc’s mother makes her first appearance on the show, a round of the comedy improv game “Dramatic Pause” goes to the florist and results in a discussion about what makes the hosts poop. And a spicy return of Elsie and “End of Show Food”!