Ken I Help You? – with Broadway producer Ken Davenport

can-i-help-you046 “Ken I Help You?” (a.k.a. “Winniebego and the Sharkbites”) John’s on fire—literally – and so is this episode! A review of our appearance at ROCPodfest where our 2014 American of the Year is awarded to The Cancer Dancer, we fail to imitate Robin Williams, a round of the great improv game “What If…” involves sharks in space, Shia LaBeouf, Tootsie Pops, “BJ and the Bear”, a minnie Winnie, and “The Wonder Years”, and Elsie feeds her cold with an odd but surprising End of Show Food. Special guest: Legendary Broadway producer Ken Davenport reveals how he got his name, how he got involved with the Tony Winning “Kinky Boots”, what makes a classic, inside tips on successful producing, his dream production, and a tale of stinky feet (not his). Plus—after an amazing round of “What If…” pitching adaptations of classic television sitcoms goes rogue,  he discusses making Marc the offer to star in a dream role.

Mommies, Games and Vomit

The Unexpected Game Show episode091 Bianca Jamotte “The Unexpected Game Show a.k.a. Vomit of This Magnitude” John has become paparazzi stalking Prince William and Kate Middleton and he talks of following them to India and of butt tattoos. After discussing the massive snowfall and without an agenda for the show Marc and John decide to play several improv comedy games. “The Meh News” covers breaking news of a remote control malfunction and peanut butter jar in the street. The celebrity impression game “Impress me” finds action stars Arnold Schwarzenegger irritating neighbors as he washes his Hummer and Sylvester Stallone going to prison. Elsie’s suggestion of the game “A Twisted Tale” takes the spotting of stones in the road to the discovery of geese flight and a massive kidney stone. Marc and John make the most of the hilarious classic games “The Alphabet Game” and “Questions, Questions”! Elsie presents a near-perfect End of Show Food. Plus an interview with creator of the attention-getting and hilarious web series Real Mommy Confessions” Bianca Jamotte reveals production secrets, how she turned her real-life experiences into a creative opportunity, the most inappropriate audition ever, what it was like to film scenes in the nude, she reveals a HUGE announcement about the show, and a round of “The Meh News” finds mall-vomit has become an international incident! (Premieres March 16th, 2015) Hear more Monkey Radio with Marc episodes !

What would Arnold do? GET DOWN!

GET DOWNEpisode 142 “Get Down!”

Marc and John explore telemarketing scam artists, podcasting posers, Walter White as LBJ, profiting from the Olympics, prison movie hotties and put Schwarzenegger in ice cream and the jungle with an amazing new improv comedy game “What Would Arnold Do?”. Plus, Elsie’s offering of limited edition Oreo cookies for End of Show Food brings the show to hysterics.

Get Down! (55 min.)

Monkey Sing Monkey Do

Chad Beguelin“Monkey Sing Monkey Do” PART 2 of our visit to Baconery! Marc, Ben & Elsie play an unforgettable “Make Up a Song” with world-class guitarist Steve Benson & Ben goes for a Grammy with a never-ending tune.  Bacon‘s everywhere & a special edition of “End of Show Food”.  Blogger Kimberly Dinaro’s “Kimpulsive” notes the underbelly of Valentine’s Day. Guest: 2-time Tony Award nominee, Drama Desk Award winner, Broadway lyricist & writer for shows like “Elf,” “The Wedding Singer” the upcoming “Aladdin” Chad Beguelin shares insider audition secrets for musical theater actors, transitioning “Elf” & “The Wedding Singer” from screen to stage, zombie inspiration, & songwriting process! Plus an exclusive original song on the spot just for us!  A must-hear for any theatre actor!

The Corner of Park and Broadway

Michael Park“The Corner of Park and Broadway” Marc and Ben catch up on a Superbowl party near-disaster and a pyrotechnic portrait and masked priest make appearances in a new feature improvising stories told by both a devil and an angel. Marc pulls back the show curtain and scolds the listeners. End of Show Food: Did we eat buffalo or did we eat chicken? And special celebrity guest: 2-time Emmy winner for his work on “As the World Turns“, a Broadway and film star and from Marc’s hometownMichael Park shares secrets from the soap opera set, why winning his Emmys meant more to others than to him, what he’s up to now, and critical advice all actors should hear.

The Best of 2013

mrwm best 2013“The Best of 2013” In our ninety minute 36th episode, Marc and John look back at special moments from the last year and celebrate what lies ahead in the next year! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll throw up in your mouth a little….with appearances by Comedians Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood (Whose Line Is It Anyway), two-time Golden Gloves boxing champion and former trainer on NBC “The Biggest Loser” Cara Castronuova, famed animator/directot Ralph Bakshi, Santa Claus’ only remaining relative Mr. Bumblebrinx, and many more! The worst impressions, best game moments, and some of the best End of Show foods! A wild ride and lots of fun!