Gimme a Dollar!

GIMME A DOLLAR067 “Gimme a Dollar” John is in a suit of armor as a bizarre study aid and he counts down the strangest sports team mascot names. Marc and John talk “maytagging”, character licensing in Times Square, tell jokes, John gives his movie review of “Fight Club” and a twist on the classic improv game “21 Rapid Fire Questions” brings by Reverend Jim Ignatowski and Marilyn Monroe!

The Follicle American

THE FOLLICLE AMERICAN104 “The Follicle American” John is carrying an elephant gun, Marc talks positive attitude when John’s World reveals job hunting, Marc dodges a reality TV show and gets beaten out by a stunt driver for another, the disappointing Emmys broadcast, bald vs. black, is Marc and American, a Limetown surprise, the Peanuts Gang returns as adults, a round of “What If” travels from Green Peppers in Dallas to a Strawberry Shortcake bomb, and Elsie returns for End of Show Food with monkey fruit!

Trek or Treat

TREK OR TREAT070 “Trek or Treat” John is dressed as Homer Simpson, and the duo talk credit card fiascos, an American hero, an alternate Star trek intro, and a new improv game “Trek or Treat” explores the Australian Outback and Khan’s interruption of a Clinton inauguration? Plus Elsie brings some flavors of Moscow to End of Show Food.

Peking Duck

PEKING DUCK081 “Peking Duck” John starts the first show of 2015 out as a hologram. An announcement of a new “Shout Out” challenge, why Marc doesn’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions and the end of Marc’s daily lucky penny. The duo review their New Year celebrations and Marc regales a tale of long distance Peking Duck, an old lady and a table. A review of “Sharknado 2” brings friction to the show, and the return of the hilarious impression-based improv game “Impress Me” sees Al Pacino at a chicken eating contest and Paul Lynde reporting the death of Liberace.

87 Cents

Monkey Radio 87 Cents103 “87 Cents” – John is hung over, someone wins gold medals for wine, Johns birthday, getting older, the water experiment, a homeless coffee for 87 cents, getting bumped into, saying you’re sorry, backpack weapon, a trip to Puerto Rico, the girlie Pimm’s Cup, Marc meets one of the Beach Boys, and a round of the improv game Audible catches a big fish and goes Olympic dice rolling!

Penn and Teller, Elvis and Morgan Freeman

3 Penn Teller Elvis Morgan Freeman102 “Penn and Teller, Elvis and Morgan Freeman” Butter-flavored fertilizer, pharmaceutical price gouging and Marc’s anger at Duane Reade, the worst restaurant patrons in the world, an update on the story of the evil subway conductor, meeting the great and powerful Penn and Teller and horrible audience members, and a round of the improv impression game “Impress Me” delivers Arnold Horseshack with herpes, Elvis at the beach, Cronkite reporting a moon landing hoax, and Morgan Freeman buying a car.

In a Room with a Zombie

IN A ROOM WITH A  ZOMBIE101  – “In a Room with a Zombie” John invents a new three-in-one board game, Marc was locked in a room with a zombie, an incredible coincidence, a new way to watch the GOP debate, Johns World goes to Cape Cod and John must watch sports live, a Verizon “upgrade privilege” scam?, and a new improv game “By the Way” covers strawberry picking, sailing adventure, life inside a nuclear facility, and wacky wedding deaths.