If William Shatner Was In Charge of the World

shatner1052 “If William Shatner Was In Charge of the World” John’s in a sequined gown for disco school, we cover the laws of standing in line, sex robots and solar roads, a networking scavenger hunt, Marc’s new obsession with car crash videos, a special Shatner-themed version of the classic improv game “If I Was in Charge of the World” and Elsie’s back to sweets with a red white and yellow inspired candy in End of Show Food. Special guest: corporate strategist, executive consultant, and motivational speaker Hellen Davis on how to be the best of the best.

Get Off My Millennium Falcon !

dani059 “Get Off My Millennium Falcon!” John time travels in a clown car, Marc reviews “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” and “Heathers: The Musical”, and an unexpected voicemail dredges up memories of a catastrophic blind date! Elsie offer End of Show food which requires a squeeze. Marc and John play a modified version of the improv game Recycled Movie Pitch. And special guest Big Vision Empty Wallet co-founder Dani Faith Leonard reveals her secrets and experiences in relationship building and on creating a successful and innovative empire in the making starting with a $2,000 loan from Aunt Debbie.

The Month of Women!

March, 2015 is proving to be full of estrogen. And interviews.

Monkey Radio with Marc has a lineup of five spectacular women to be interviewed in upcoming episodes. Not a single one should be missed. Here is what is coming up:

Laura Hall – Bandleader and pianist for the infamous improvisational comedy television show “Whose Line Is It Anyway” on fame, TV, comedy and her own music

Cortney Hendrix – makeup artist, burlesque performer and reality TV star of “Married at First Sight: The First Year” on rocketing into fame, transitioning into a career and creating balance

Bianca Jamotte – actress and creator of the hilarious new attention-getting web series “Mommy Confessions” on creating a show, juggling parenting and creativity and being nude in front of the camera

Jessica Delfino – critically acclaimed and award winning comedic musician on being funny , rubbing elbows with famous people and sneaking into high profile events

Christina Salerno – creator of Living Quirky on accepting and taking pride in oneself and how she created a brand from her own insecurities and transformed a genetic trait of high sensitivity into a magical life of adventure, depth, joy, and connection


Let’s See Your Cupcakes!

CUPCAKES“Cupcake” Marc regales a tale of being attacked by a conductor on the subway, and a game double-header with the premeier of two new games “Impress Me” (hint: It involves impressions) and “The Meh News”! Woody AllenLucille Ball, and Christopher Walken allegedly stop by! And don’t miss the 23 caret gold End of Show Food segment with Elsie and more! Guest: “Cupcake Wars” champion and frosting entrepreneur Heather Saffer exposes the business of frosting, business and fame. She might even impersonate Sarah Palin...Special thanks to Baconery.com !

Superheros Are People Too

181087_107339409343886_5568192_n“Superheros Are People Too”  SUPERSIZED SHOW! Marc has stories about losing a toe, a crazy focus group for a major British clothing brand, a chipmunk invasion in John’s World, and a submarine fire as we revisit a classic Monkey Radio game “Finish My sentence!” Plus a scary and textured End of Show Food from Elsie. Guest: Actor/producer Andrew Roth, star of the upcoming major release “My Name Is Paul” , the TV project “Amnesia“, along with films “Squidman“, “Aversion“, “Praxis” and many more. We talk about his career, martial arts and why he isn’t a superhero in real life.

Culinary Catwalk Diva: Caffeine, Cigarettes and Big Dreams

diva“Culinary Catwalk Diva: Caffeine, Cigarettes and Big Dreams” Marc and John celebrate the Boston Red Sox win, share some updates, complain about cat constipation, waiting in doctor offices and enduring commercials to watch advertisements, and a new rhyming game goes down in flames. Elsie brings a bit of prohibition into End of Show Food. Plus we start a new segment following a remarkable young woman Anna Steglinski on her public weight loss journey.  Guest: Tammy Darnell, author of “Laughter, Life Lessons and Logic – From the Culinary Catwalk Diva Queen of the Waitress World“. She discusses her book and dishes on her life and times in the restaurant arena. Through rude customers and scalding hot plates, she somehow manages to keep her bearings (and her apron) intact.

Talent Wrestling

ginzburg 2“Talent Wrestling”  Marc laments on inappropriate audience members when seeing “Bad Grandpa“, we hear a special official celebrity Obamacare apology, try out the new game “Howard Cosell,” and enjoy a sweet mocktail-themed End of Show Food! Guest: TV/Radio host, film producer, wrestling aficionado, author and advocate for rising talent Evan Ginzburg (Legends Radio and Legends TV) goes into depth on the importance of the arts, legendary musicians and what keeps musicians and arists from becoming successful.