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CUCHI CUCHIEpisode 105 “Cuchi Cuchi” John needs a teleprompter, celebrity sightings, a live TV show, the overexposure of Lamar Odom, the presidential debate, heel problems, unwelcome construction, the wrong electrical box, Lawrence of Arabia, a movie review challenge, car problems, a new school bus driver, Orson Wells and Charo drop by for a round of 21 Rapid Fire Celebrity Questions, and Elsie returns with a mind-blowing End of Show Food! Download iTunes


THE FOLLICLE AMERICANEpisode 104 “The Follicle American” John is carrying an elephant gun, Marc talks positive attitude when John’s World reveals job hunting, Marc dodges a reality TV show and gets beaten out by a stunt driver for another, the disappointing Emmys broadcast, bald vs. black, is Marc and American, a Limetown surprise, the Peanuts Gang returns as adults, a round of “What If” travels from Green Peppers in Dallas to a Strawberry Shortcake bomb, and Elsie returns for End of Show Food with monkey fruit! Download  iTunes

Monkey Radio 87 CentsEpisode 103 – “87 Cents” – John is hung over, someone wins gold medals for wine, Johns birthday, getting older, the water experiment, a homeless coffee for 87 cents, getting bumped into, saying you’re sorry, backpack weapon, a trip to Puerto Rico, the girlie Pimm’s Cup, Marc meets one of the Beach Boys, and a round of the improv game Audible catches a big fish and goes Olympic dice rolling! Download iTunes



3 Penn Teller Elvis Morgan FreemanEpisode 102 – “Penn and Teller, Elvis and Morgan Freeman” Butter-flavored fertilizer, pharmaceutical price gouging and Marc’s anger at Duane Reade, the worst restaurant patrons in the world, an update on the story of the evil subway conductor, meeting the great and powerful Penn and Teller and horrible audience members, and a round of the improv impression game “Impress Me” delivers Arnold Horseshack with herpes, Elvis at the beach, Cronkite reporting a moon landing hoax, and Morgan Freeman buying a car. Download iTunes


IN A ROOM WITH A ZOMBIEEpisode 101  – “In a Room with a Zombie” John invents a new three-in-one board game, Marc was locked in a room with a zombie, an incredible coincidence, a new way to watch the GOP debate, John’s World goes to Cape Cod and John must watch sports live, a Verizon “upgrade privilege” scam?, and a new improv game “By the Way” covers strawberry picking, sailing adventure, life inside a nuclear facility, and wacky wedding deaths. Download  iTunes


Monkey Radio 100 Episodes copyEpisode 100 – “The Hundredth Show Former co-host Ben Rose joins Marc and John for a blockbuster show to celebrate the 100th episode! Ben creates the new religion Benapostatology, Marc is a wanted man, an idea for wanted posters on postage stamps, John’s buying a car and fending off a peeping Tom, the CEO of Westminster Pies, the Old Man and UK DJ’s Mickey and Billy stop by, remembering favorite moments from the show, a round of the improv comedy game “What Would Arnold Do” goes jogging, to band practice and to Detroit, “The Meh News” offers live coverage with breaking news of a chalking, a pencil shaving and hopscotching, and Elsie’s End of Show Food brings a surprising callback from one of our first shows. Download  iTunes

HONEY BABYEpisode 099  “Honey, Baby” John is large in this 99th show, Marc’s improv workshop brings fun games, an app that finds dirty public bathrooms, John’s car has ears, a debate on workplace nickname harassment, if it bleeds it leads, the bias of news media by accepting and focusing on Caitlyn vs. Bruce, a round of the comedy improv game the Meh News brings a bad router and a stone skipping lesson gone wrong, and Elsie has more spicy goodness for End of Show Food.  Download  iTunes


Two RopesEpisode 098 “Two Ropes” The gang’s all here and John is counting his five dollar bills and stressed about his graduation party. Retirements, a horrible graduation speaker, a salute to a theater great, John’s job is in jeopardy, a visit to the Lilac Festival, Marc’s mother makes her first appearance on the show, a round of the comedy improv game “Dramatic Pause” goes to the florist and results in a discussion about what makes the hosts poop. And a spicy return of Elsie and “End of Show Food”! Download  iTunes


SHORT CAPE 1Episode 097 “Short Cape” John is gift-wrapped, a man with too many jackets in John’s World, the buzz about a Grey’s Anatomy death, a SWAT team mistake in the neighborhood, an ignorant pastor, sixteen stitches, a near arrest, a new game Celebrity Answering Machine brings Joan Rivers, MikeTyson, Mr. T and Sean Connery by, and a lesson in impressions. Download iTunes



GREATEST AMERICAN HEROESEpisode 096 “Greatest American Heroes” John invents new flavors of Jello, Marc realizes he doesn’t speak Taco Bell, bombing with standup at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, a standup comedian gets scared, gesticulation accents, “Star Trek” and “The Greatest American Hero” inspired life-changing moments, an extraordinary co-incidence, a new George Costanza message reminds Marc of a bar memory, celebrity answering machine messages, and a round of the Seinfeld-themed improv game What’s the Deal stops by the airport!  Download  iTunes


Celebrity SiriEpisode 095 “Celebrity Siri” Rotund John is shot down by grape paintballs, problems with Honor Society ageism and bottle-return fighting in John’s World, Marc deals with lazy people on social media, an idea for an auto-birthday app, smashed car sign irony, a shocking Google Street View discovery, and a round of the new improv comedy impression game “Celebrity Siri” gets Pee Wee Herman’s help with chicken wings and Elvis tells you where to find women. Download iTunes


TWO BIONIC MENEpisode 094 “Two Bionic Men” John’s selling real estate with Lifesavers, a faker with a cane, Marc’s hearing voices, the guys are both bionic, food stamp debates, a stealth Facebook posting, little known science facts, a fish in the dark, Celebrity Siri, and the Howard Cosell Game! Download iTunes



MONKEY RADIO QUIRK NATIONEpisode 093 “Quirk Nation” John is an actual blimp and counts down the worst apps of all time. A visit to John’s World discovers timeless youth and the Old Man stops by to warn of the mortal dangers of wearing a watch. In a round of “21 Rapid Fire Questions” we find out which Peanuts character John is, about Marc’s reputation as a superhero-wannabe, and the invention of the “zutton”. Singer-songwriter Marion Loguidice and fashion entrepreneur Jia Wertz stop by to promote a special event to raise money for Adnan Syed’s legal defense fund. Special guest: Living Quirky founder Christina Salerno reveals how she turned her own challenges into a business brand and a chance to inspire others and how to achieve maximum “quirkitude. Plus, another round of “21 Rapid Fire Questions” leads Salerno to admit her Vulcan side, Marc to recall the Wizard of the Umbrella People, and both to question the physics of The Hulk’s wardrobe. Download  iTunes

Jessica Delfino on Monkey RadioEpisode 092 “Obviously!” With special guest Jessica Delfino John is a blimp and has a secret podcast, an update on the evil subway conductor, sponsored shrink-wrapped subway cars, another poop sign, John is almost hit by a car, a stressful stress test, a million dollar idea for doctor’s offices, Marc gets his ears fixed, a new improvisational game “Obviously” explores Italian wine and workplace mysteries, the last days of Marc’s friend bring perspective, and a round of the classic improv comedy game “If Animals Ran the World” solves educational and sports problems with hippos and zebras! Plus special guest comedian and songwriter Jessica Delfino talks stand-up comedy, adjusting career perspective, sneaking into celebrity-filled parties like the SNL 40th Anniversary after-party and an exclusive memory of Sarah Silverman! (Episode note: We apologize for the static interference heard during a portion of the episode. While we cannot explain this, we thought the content was still worth hearing anyway. Thank you for understanding!) Download   iTunes 

The Unexpected Game Show episodeEpisode 091 “The Unexpected Game Show a.k.a. Vomit of This Magnitude” John has become paparazzi stalking Prince William and Kate Middleton and he talks of following them to India and of butt tattoos. After discussing the massive snowfall and without an agenda for the show Marc and John decide to play several improv comedy games. “The Meh News” covers breaking news of a remote control malfunction and peanut butter jar in the street. The celebrity impression game “Impress me” finds action stars Arnold Schwarzenegger irritating neighbors as he washes his Hummer and Sylvester Stallone going to prison. Elsie’s suggestion of the game “A Twisted Tale” takes the spotting of stones in the road to the discovery of geese flight and a massive kidney stone. Marc and John make the most of the hilarious classic games “The Alphabet Game” and “Questions, Questions”! Elsie presents a near-perfect End of Show Food. Plus an interview with creator of the attention-getting and hilarious web series “Real Mommy ConfessionsBianca Jamotte reveals production secrets, how she turned her real-life experiences into a creative opportunity, the most inappropriate audition ever, what it was like to film scenes in the nude, she reveals HUGE announcement about the show, and a round of “The Meh News” finds mall vomit has become an international incident! Download iTunes

Episode 090 “If Cortney Was In Charge of the World” Special 2-Hour Episode with Cortney Hendrix from “Married At First Sight: The First Year” John is Hulk Hogan for reasons you wouldn’t expect. A visit to John’s World reveals shoelace negligence and senior-citizen flirtinIF CORTNEY HENDRIX WAS IN CHARGE OF THE WORLDg, a shout out to a pro wrestler, the latest subway wacko, the importance of making a mark on the world, a bizarre street sign, a cold potato in the snow, and a post office conspiracy theory leads to a playlet in a new feature “Theater Corner”. A round of the comedy improv game “If I Were in Charge of the World: Celebrity Version” has Kanye West with bullet proof tissue paper and Justin Bieber controlling postal crowds. Plus Elsie is back with a new spicy End of Show Food! And, in an in-depth interview, reality TV Star Cortney Hendrix provides a revealing look at what was in her hand on TV in Las Vegas, if there will be another season of the show, her most favorite thing about her husband and wrestling pro Jason, if she is she really friends with her costars, what’s next for her, how much of what you see on TV is the real Cortney, who actually made her stop performing in Hot Box Girls burlesque shows, an exclusive, untold story about when Jason hit someone over the head with a bottle while they were filming the original show, who in the cast is an “awkward turtle”, why she was OK with her boudoir photo shoot to be on national television, what Cortney has in common with zombies, what she would do if she was in charge of the world, and — her Sylvester Stallone impression! Download iTunes

Improv, Egg Salad and Private JetsEpisode 089 “Improv, Egg Salad and Private Jets” Special 2-Hour Episode with guest Laura Hall John is Marilyn Monroe, it’s the Month of Women, an unusual lullaby, the Old Man doesn’t believe in Birdman and he reflects on the Academy Awards, an Oscar shout out, Marc regales a story of the worst subway conductor in the world, and a trip to John’s World results in discussion of health care copayments turning into a too-serious debate about insurance and a trip to the autobody shop. Marc and John play the fun word-association improv songwriting game Mish Mosh Mix. Plus an interview with the great musician and bandleader Laura Hall of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” fame on everything from inside stories about the improv show and life on the road to Russian folk metal and Wayne Brady’s Amy Winehouse impression!  Download iTunes

MONKEY RADIO WITH MARC PODCAST Episode 088 “Guppy Tank: The Girl with the Dragon Shaped Camel Toe” John is a low budget left handed shark, a shout out error, sound problems were everywhere, Marc risks frostbite, John might become a snowbird, no Florida income taxes, cat alarms, a discussion of Reddit and online comments results in a Reddit search for camel toes which brings surprising results, the story of showtime kids on the subway and the crunched cup, subway littering and the lack of regard for anyone else, has the cold snap come from thumbing your nose at mother nature, film sequels we’d love to see and what we’d do if we were the last person alive on Earth. Plus a new hilarious improv game “Guppy Tank” gives businesses with products designed to solve problems of subway performers and public camel toes the chance to pitch The Guppies to invest in them.   Download iTunes


STAR TREK PASSWORDEpisode 087 “Star Trek Password” John has a laser gun, Marc and John speak in slow-motion, a noise complaint and the full audio from their appearance at Rocpodfest II, a shout out, the Dunkin Donuts mistake in Marc’s favor, reviews of the movie “Joe” and “The Interview”, a Valentines Day overview, a hacker friend’s music video generator, cat on a toilet, a new game inspired by two classic TV shows, and a major show announcement.   Download iTunes


hookahs vs hookersEpisode 086 Hookahs vs Hookers John is caught smoking a hookah, Marc and John hate Kim Kardashian, Marc is waddling like a penguin due to foot problems, Marc bakes cookies, Brucealuceanate, a cake fail, a shout to a friend of the show, hookahs vs hookers, a secret segment reveals how the number six impacts John’s fashion sense and a the billion dollar Italian jacket and Marc’s slipper avoidance gives a peek into clothing abuse. The duo talk wrong number text fails and a round of the improv game “Fairy Tale” brings the warped stories “The  Birthday Balloons” and “Timothy and the Gold Coin”. Plus Elsie shares an exquisite End of Show Food. Download iTunes

the big game gameEpisode 085 “The Big Game Game” John is The Penguin, Marc and John give twin shout outs and cover their bets in advance on the Superbowl winner, Marc’s cold results in research into scary bacteria and yeasts, there is hope for the Catholic Church, and online translation inconsistencies turns into a discussion about tomato sauce thank-you’s. Marc calls an audible and invents the Superbowl themed play-by-play improv game “The Big Game Game”, and Elsie’s timely beer-themed End of Show Food reminds the crew of laundry.  Download iTunes

THE FARTISTEpisode 084 “The Fartist” Marc calls the show’s help desk representative and also gives their first shout out, treadmill fart accusations, Marc is offended when John calls Marc fat, John’s auto repair woes transform from a fleeting permission to buy a new car into a mechanic-for-life, the ethics of auto trade-ins, and a new improv game “Tune Up” which reimagines songs into new genres takes a classic Eagles song into children’s music territory and Young MC goes country!  Download iTunes


NPH BAREpisode 083 “Bill Gates, The Pope and Neil Patrick Harris Walk Into a Bar…” John hasn’t showered and has flies. Marc and John complain about things that annoy them, the mysterious disappearance of the show from iTunes, the lack of Shout Out requests, the inexplicable link between the Pope, Bill Gates and Neil Patrick Harris, the proper way to pronounce words, an addictive TV Trifecta including “American Idol”, “Better Call Saul” and “The Celebrity Apprentice”, and that the terrorism in France has awoken a beast. Plus the ten strangest things found in storage units, a gummy End of Show Food, and a round of the classic improv comedy game “If I Were In Charge of the World” links overripe bananas with the military and regulating reality TV with audience-controlled injected explosives.  Download 

String Cheese of the Rich and FamousEpisode 082 “String Cheese of the Rich and Famous” Marc is a robot and John wears a threatening apron. Marc shares unusual manners and goldfish dangers in Target, smashing into people, his girlfriend’s magical elixir, the top five (or four) crimes committed for the weirdest reasons, a discussion of the politics of thanking people for service, a visit to John’s world shares the name of his new grandchild in the making, and a round of the comedy improv game “The Big Announcement” brings Bob the garbage can with an eating disorder and Robin Leach introducing the world of high-living string cheese. John finally delivers his review of “Sharknado 2”, joy fills the world with news of another Sharknado sequel and the wish for 3D and a Christopher Walken cameo, and Elsie has a strange peanut drink in End of Show Food. Download

PEKING DUCKEpisode 081 “Peking Duck” John starts the first show of 2015 out as a hologram. An announcement of a new “Shout Out” challenge, why Marc doesn’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions and the end of Marc’s daily lucky penny. The duo review their New Year celebrations and Marc regales a tale of long distance Peking Duck, an old lady and a table. A review of “Sharknado 2” brings friction to the show, and the return of the hilarious impression-based improv game “Impress Me” sees Al Pacino at a chicken eating contest and Paul Lynde reporting the death of Liberace.  Download iTunes



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