A Kardashian That Matters

KARDASHIAN MATTERS024 “A Kardashian That Matters” – The Amazing Story of an Extraordinary American – Special Memorial Day Episode In an extended interview, Marc and fill-in co-host Elsie welcome to the show a real life angel —Angie Kardashian—who lives a life of selfless service. The long time successful California restaurant owner gave it all up and exhausted her personal savings after September 11th, to move to New York City to cook for more than 100 Firefighter stations in The Big Apple. She shares this amazing two year story, and how it is merely the first chapter of how she has committed her life to impacting others. Marc and Elsie share how they became introduced to Angie–another intriguing tale. Visit her website at www.acalltoserve.com. Marc and Elsie play a quick round of yet another new guessing game (like name that tune, only with snapping) “Snaps” And Elsie brings Salsa #3 to End of Show Food, courtesy of Casa de Jorge salsas.

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