The Hundreth Show

Monkey Radio 100 Episodes copy100 “The Hundreth Show” Former co-host Ben Rose joins Marc and John for a blockbuster show to celebrate the 100th episode! Ben creates the new religion Benapostatology, Marc is a wanted man, an idea for wanted posters on postage stamps, John’s buying a car and fending off a peeping Tom, the CEO of Westminster Pies, the Old Man and UK DJ’s Mickey and Billy stop by, remembering favorite moments from the show, a round of the improv comedy game “What WouldMonkey Radio 100th Episode Hosts Arnold Do” goes jogging, to band practice and to Detroit, “The Meh News” offers live coverage with breaking news of a chalking, a pencil shaving and hopscotching, and Elsie’s End of Show Food brings a surprising callback from one of our first shows.

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