Comedian Jessica Delfino on SNL, Sarah Silverman and Singing Dirty

Jessica Delfino on Monkey Radio092 Jessica Delfino “Obviously!”  John is a blimp and has a secret podcast, an update on the evil subway conductor, sponsored shrink-wrapped subway cars, another poop sign, John is almost hit by a car, a stressful stress test, a million dollar idea for doctor’s offices, Marc gets his ears fixed, a new improvisational game “Obviously” explores Italian wine and workplace mysteries, the last days of Marc’s friend bring perspective, and a round of the classic improv comedy game “If Animals Ran the World” solves educational and sports problems with hippos and zebras! Plus special guest comedian and songwriter Jessica Delfino talks stand-up comedy, adjusting career perspective, sneaking into celebrity-filled parties like the SNL 40th Anniversary after-party and an exclusive memory of Sarah Silverman! (Episode note: We apologize for the static interference heard during a portion of the episode. While we cannot explain this, we thought the content was still worth hearing anyway. Thank you for understanding!)

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