Exclusive Improv Song from Laura Hall of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

Improv, Egg Salad and Private JetsThe highly talented musician and bandleader Laura Hall, most known for her years on the improvisational comedy show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, explores the early days of the show, how she got the gig, rarely heard stories about road trips with Drew Carey, and why egg salad makes her think of private jets.

The interview also gets into how her career outside of the popular show has been shaped by improv, an inside scoop on how she and guitarist Linda Taylor can so seamlessly transition from one musical style to the next, and how her current band has succeeded despite putting put the cart before the horse. There’s also comedian Ryan Stiles’ real feelings about the “Hoedown” game and how fellow improviser Wayne Brady’s infatuation with pop music affects Hall’s work load.

And, in a true exclusive, Hall composes and performs a song, on the spot, as part of an improvisation about cheese, cars, and egg salad!

The interview premieres Monday, March 2nd. To hold you over, you can listen to Monkey Radio with Marc interviews with “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” stars Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood.

Colin Mochrie Interview            Brad Sherwood Interview

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