The Month of Women!

March, 2015 is proving to be full of estrogen. And interviews.

Monkey Radio with Marc has a lineup of five spectacular women to be interviewed in upcoming episodes. Not a single one should be missed. Here is what is coming up:

Laura Hall – Bandleader and pianist for the infamous improvisational comedy television show “Whose Line Is It Anyway” on fame, TV, comedy and her own music

Cortney Hendrix – makeup artist, burlesque performer and reality TV star of “Married at First Sight: The First Year” on rocketing into fame, transitioning into a career and creating balance

Bianca Jamotte – actress and creator of the hilarious new attention-getting web series “Mommy Confessions” on creating a show, juggling parenting and creativity and being nude in front of the camera

Jessica Delfino – critically acclaimed and award winning comedic musician on being funny , rubbing elbows with famous people and sneaking into high profile events

Christina Salerno – creator of Living Quirky on accepting and taking pride in oneself and how she created a brand from her own insecurities and transformed a genetic trait of high sensitivity into a magical life of adventure, depth, joy, and connection


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