String Cheese of the Rich and Famous

String Cheese of the Rich and Famous082 “String Cheese of the Rich and Famous” Marc is a robot and John wears a threatening apron. Marc shares unusual manners and goldfish dangers in Target, smashing into people, his girlfriend’s magical elixir, the top five (or four) crimes committed for the weirdest reasons, a discussion of the politics of thanking people for service, a visit to John’s world shares the name of his new grandchild in the making, and a round of the comedy improv game “The Big Announcement” brings Bob the garbage can with an eating disorder and Robin Leach introducing the world of high-living string cheese. John finally delivers his review of “Sharknado 2”, joy fills the world with news of another Sharknado sequel and the wish for 3D and a Christopher Walken cameo, and Elsie has a strange peanut drink in End of Show Food.

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