What’s Happening with CNN’s Pamela Brown’s Lips?

Man jumps White House fence. CNN dutifully covers the event. The coverage gets thrown to Pamela Brown, and —-WHOAH!!!!! What is that? What happened to Pamela Brown’s lips?   Pamela Brown CNN Lips

So many thoughts come to mind in seconds—

  • Ebola. Probably not. (Not really fair to use ebola in a joke. Too soon. Ebola is not funny. Tragic and horrible disease. Moving on…)
  • Car crash.
  • Lover’s quarrel gone wrong. Or wonderfully right…
  • Firing range mishap, unexpected recoil meets face.
  • Currently hidden alcoholism results in Pat O’Brien-like stair falling. Lips meet landing.
  • Closet superhero. Big battle last night with a supervillian. You should see the supervillian.
  • Second job as a lightweight boxer. Well, we don’t know her weight so that’s an assumption.
  • Attempt as plastic self-surgery.
  • No bottle opener results in crazy accident from overestimation of teeth strength.
  • It was far worse this morning. Didn’t think we’d notice it.
  • Rudeness to the makeup person never pays off.
  • Tomorrow she will be full zombie.
  • Suffers from APA (Adult Pacifier Addiction).
  • Pulled car a distance of 11 feet earlier using her mouth. Previous record holder never cleaned the mouth thingy.
  • The curse from the witch she did a story on six years ago is taking hold.
  • Halloween costume didn’t get fully cleaned off before air time. Thanks, Bob, for the careful look when I asked if it was all off…
  • What, you don’t like my pimple-stickers? Most fads takes off slowly…

Pamela Brown CNN Lips CUWhatever the reason, we hope you are better tomorrow, Pamela! No doubt this is not the look you were going for. This must suck. We truly feel for you.

PS: CNN—give a girl a day off! You can’t hide that sort of thing. If it didn’t matter you wouldn’t use so much makeup on people on TV.

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