The Filmtastic Spencer Garrett: Fantastic, not Craptastic

The October 20, 2014 episode of  Monkey Radio with Marc  title reads “Craptastic”.

We treat our guests with respect and appreciation. To our chagrin (cool word), there now seems to be some semi-confusion. And, while they say even bad press is good press, we respect Mr. Garrett and his talents too much to allow such unwarranted confusion.

“Craptastic?” He is nothing of the sort.

Allow us to explain:

Craptastic:(According to “Wiktionary”):


craptastic (comparative more craptastic, superlative most craptastic)

  1. (slang, vulgar) Intended to be perceived as fantastic, but actually of extremely poor quality.

In the episode, co-host John Locke delivers a “Top 3” list as a countdown to the start of the show (a regular feature). This list included the top three made up words. “Craptastic” was one of them, and prompted a post-intro discussion about words starting with “crap”. So magnetic is the subject, and the word “craptastic” that it seemed a fitting title to the episode.

Spencer Garrett in “Transformers”

Cut to Spencer Garrett: the veteran Hollywood character actor is entirely fantastic, and anything but craptastic. He is probably far more “filmtastic” or “mensch-tastic” than anything, being a remarkable talent and a very awesome dude.

To be fair, our original title for the episode was “Spencer for Hire” (like the TV show, only about Garrett—cute, right?) But after the emergence of “craptastic” and the originating conversation, there seemed little doubt about what title would catch most eyes and ears. Nonetheless, it seems we might have created an accidental subconscious link between Garrett and “craptastic”.

Allow us to far and wide shout from the rooftops that Spencer Garrett is FILMTASTIC!

That said, please listen to Episode #171 “Craptastic”—because the interview with Spencer Garrett is podtastic (see what we did there?). Then watch Garrett on any of his many TV and film appearances. His excellence and talent will shine through.

Filmtastic:(According to “Monkeynary”):


filmtastic (comparative more filmtastic, superlative most filmtastic)

  1. (slang, complimentary) Intended to be perceived as fantastic, but actually of extremely superlative performance and entertainment quality.

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