FILMTASTIC071 Spencer Garrett “Filmtastic” John juggles weapons while playing Words with Friends and delivers a movie review of “Time After Time”. Marc reveals an unfortunate surprise homeless guest, the duo discusses how they’ll spend imaginary $425 Million lottery winnings, and a new improv game “Dramatic Pause” brings excitement to band-aids and watermelon-cutting. Special guest Hollywood character actor Spencer Garrett (Star Trek, House of Cards, Air Force One, Aquarius, Satisfaction, Mad Men etc.) talks movies, TV, widgets, why he enjoys character acting, Gene Hackman’s nuanced acting, the importance of theater, his famous mother, acting choices, business advice to actors, who makes him star-struck, and a hilarious story about Christopher Walken, Italy and an alligator—plus he searches for Walken in a film-noir styled round of “Dramatic Pause”!

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