Christopher Walken, Leather and an Alligator

Coming 10/20/14 a new episode of the podcast “Monkey Radio with Marc”, featuring an interview with veteran character actor Spencer Garrett (Mad Men, House of Cards, Star Trek, Air Force One, Satisfaction, NCIS, Aquarius).

Spencer Garrett with Kevin Spacey

There’s much to hear in the episode–weapons juggling, a movie review, how to spend your lottery winnings, a fun improvisational  game inserting overly dramatic pauses and music  into others mundane moments, and more. But it is the interview with Garrett that creates then highlight of the episode. The actor (whose mother Kathleen Nolan starred in The Real McCoys and was Wendy Darling in the original Broadway production of Peter Pan, as well as the first female president of the Screen Actor’s Guild) talks  movies, TV, widgets, why he enjoys character acting, Gene Hackman’s nuanced acting, the importance of theater, how his dad knew Marilyn Monrore, acting choices, business advice to actors, who makes him star-struck, and more.

The must-listen moment comes when Garrett shares an hilarious story about Christopher Walken, Italy and an alligator—plus he searches for Walken in a film-noir styled round of “Dramatic Pause”!

Here’s a promo for the episode:

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