Alfa Bits

ALFA BITS 2Episode 140 “Alfa Bits” John’s been shot, and Marc and John talk phone signatures, reply-times for emails, food allergies and Marc’s new guilty pleasure “Adventures in Jedi School”. Columbo in the classroom, Julia Child on the battlefield, Ah-nuld with cats and Mickey Mouse catching a bus all make appearances in an hilarious round of the improvisational impression game “Impress Me” and the gang have a fruity, meaty End of Show Food segment. Special guest: From the legendary disco band “CHIC” and smash hit songs like “Le Freak” and “Dance, Dance, Dance” we welcome former lead singer and charming lady Alfa Anderson! She talks all things Chic (including an exclusive amazing fact about the band in its heyday), her friendship with Luther Vandross (including an amazing impression of him not to be missed) and dishes on the inside backstory of the smash hit “Le Freak”! Plus—what’s ahead for the famous singer with her own music.

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