Stupid, stupid drugs.

Rochester, NY native and popular Academy Award winning actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman robbed the world of his talent and future works when he was found dead today in his apartment in Greenwich, reportedly of an apparent drug overdose.

I met Hoffman briefly while was on a break outside a building in New York City a few years ago. He was friendly and courteous.

He and I also shared the same stage and knew some of the same people in Rochester, NY, but not at the same time. He was an actor I wanted to emulate, and one with immense range.

From “The Talented Mr. Ripley” to “Synecdoche, NY” to “Love Liza” to “The Master”, the actor had an iron fisted grip on the material and undeniable chops as a performer in both film and theater. For me, my most memorable line he ever said was in “Twister” :  “Food. Food. Food! Red meat! We crave sustenance” because I refer to it often.

This is a massive loss to the entertainment world, to Rochester, and to me.

Good bye Phillip. We loved ya while you were here. Even with drugs.

Now you’re not. You left us with a needle in your arm and a stabbing pain in our hearts. Because of drugs.

Brilliant man. Stupid man. Stupid, stupid drugs.

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