Snowboard: Classroom of the Future

snow school imageHe teaches math now.

That’s how Chris Landon asserts his accuracy in counting the number times he’s dislocated his shoulder in the last fifty days while snowboarding with his six year old son, Max. During class. The number of students he teaches?


Landon and his wife made a one-hundred day deal with Max: And experiment to home-school him in an innovative blending of snowboarding with academics. Now, Max’s days are no longer sitting trapped in the traditional classroom—they are flying down a hill with his snowboarding partner, his dad. The down side? He has to take lessons from his father on the weekends.

This equation of school-plus- snow has resulted in injuries, adventure and an undeniable bond between father and son. And it all started because Max wanted to be cool, and look like the other kids who did things like snowboarding. This desire to be admired has led to a dramatic lifestyle change for the entire family, and  a new role for Landon: teacher.

While this all about his son, Landon has been actively documenting the process, now halfway through the hundred-day “Snow School” commitment. There’s hours of video and daily social media updates. And even a “crash reel”, made up of the daily video reviews he and Max do together to evaluate what can be learned from the things that went wrong. It would seem this is a lesson not always easily taught in conventional school. Landon’s focus is on Max, but he has considered that their efforts may be part of a larger conversation about innovative educational approaches and their benefits.

From Max’s perspective, the best part of “Snow School” is having an amazing story to share from each day. An extraordinary  way to live life.

The full interview with Chris and Max Landon premieres January 13th, 2014 in the latest episode of “Monkey Radio with Marc”.

“Snow School!!” (Guests: Chris and Max Landon) 78 min.

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