Maija DiGiorgio“Outlaws”  A truly unleashed episode, with a near miss with the law just before showtime in Ben’s World, a new game “The Real Story” gives a warped  look at current events, and Elsie presents our first recently-illegal substance for End of Show Food!?!?! Special Guest: One of the most popular female comedians in America Maija DiGiorgio. Also an actor, film director and host and activist, the one-time radio cohost for New York City’s #1 radio show and curent president of Hollywood Outlaws Comedy Network dives into what’s funny, who’s not, what Richard Pryor had to do with benching her documentary, the phone call that led to a huge radio gig and a lawsuit, why she has 400 hours of interview outtakes of famous comedians, her in-progress film about Famika and how she is all over ObamaThe Tea Party and the USA.

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