MUSIC MELTDOWN: NYU School Film Graduate Throws Epic Tantrum Against Trumpet Player

It’s like a glorious film pitch.

The Momma from the Billy Crystal/Danny Devito  classic “Throw Momma From the Train” meets Gollum meets Ruth Gordon from the Clint Eastwood flick “Any Which Way But Loose“.  All in the name of the pride of musicianship.

OK, maybe it’s not a blockbuster movie idea, but rarely have we seen something so mesemerizing. In one of the most watchable films in some time, the performance by this strange little crass man (there is a lot of colorful language) is nothing short of marvelous. In fact, we had to wonder if this was a prank or a setup for some viral marketing concept. (If this is an acting performance, by the way, bravo!  Standing ovation….)


For now let’s assume it is real. For now , let’s forget how horrifying it is to see someone so confident in their own abilities and sensabiities that they will attempt to crush the dreams of another. For now, let’s overlook the sheer entertainment value of such a seemingly deluded little troll flailing within inches of a criminal act. And that one of the most surprising moments is when he suddenly pauses his tirade to check his phone. Oh, and don’t forget that the trumpeter is playing Stephen Foster’s “Oh Susanna”, which has the line “Don’t you cry for me.” How perfect…

When have you last seen such passion? Our new generations seem to lack real passion except for the next issuance of  video games in which you get to pretend ( or rehearse) you are a criminal or how Lindsay Lohan will bottom, or show her bottom, out next.

But this guy—this guy has—-passion. He cares about musicianship. He cares about quality. He cares about making his point. He cares about what is performed in public.  He cares about his phone.  Just ask the Grateful Dead, Bob Dillon, Bill Graham. If nothing else, the man is a wordsmith. After all, he appears to have a lot of college education. Pretty amazing, also, or an impromptu tirade.

The trumpet player, who is accused of being nothing, mediocre, a little pip, flat, and everything that’s wrong with this world, fights back with one major weapon: music, from his trumpet which he aimed like a cannon. Bravo, again.

From a topical viewpoint, try listening to the audio and imagine the troll is addressing Congress for their woeful performance recently with the government shutdown. Could the guy be brilliant, in that specific context?

Hopefully the man can find some help, before he hurts someone with his brilliance. Or runs for office. Or makes a film.

I am going to go out on  a limb here and guess that NYU won’t asking the man to do any PR for the University.

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