Emergency: Democracy Has Been Suspended in America!

This is not a political statement. This is something that factually happened. Too unbelievable to be true. But it is.

And it is jaw-dropping. I thought I lived in a country where it’s basic premise was that we are represented by, and spoken for, duly elected representatives who advocate for our majority wishes.

It seems that is no longer the case.

I repeat: This isn’t America as I knew it. This is America-light. Some bizarro alternate evil universe version of America in which anything is possible.

Even this:

In this is a moment, democracy was taken away from us as parasitic dictatorship has infected our representation. We are no longer represented.

As an American, I demand to be represented. This cannot be tolerated.

How much do we have to take before Americans do something about this? I demand an answer…..I demand to be represented. I demand action.

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