Changed By Cancer

Loving Cancer.


That’s the title of the blog one of the guests on the next episode of “Monkey Radio with Marc” keeps, writing about her current battle with Stage 4 colon cancer.

But what she’s really known for is her attitude. And her dancing. You see, Rochester, NY resident Tiffany Staropoli isn’t putting on a fake smile. She isn’t just showing a brave face. She’s not silent.

She dances. And, boy, does she dance. In the interview, Staropoli admits to using dancing as a way to push away the bad and sad feelings that are natural to occur when a horrifying and potentially fatal disease assaults your body. When she gets upset, she dances. In public. On video.

Now a video of her goofball dancing has started to go viral, and a campaign to catch talk show host Ellen DeGerneres’ attention is pushing to get Tiffany on DeGeneres‘ show. Staropoli, who works in video production, sees this as a natural fit and programming decision.

Staropoli, who’s own husband Rick beat Hodgkins Lymphoma, is optimistic in her prognosis, having recently completed liver surgery. She’s thrilled her dancing has inspired others. And she’s keeping a mindset that cancer is merely a bump in the road. She is determined not to let it change who she is and is hopeful she’ll be part of a winning statistic.

Nonetheless, she is now an unwitting inspiration. Maybe she has changed after all.

You can hear the full interview starting Monday, September 23rd, 2013 here.

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