This Is How A Champion Owns It

This is how a real champion gets knocked down and then gets herself back up. Or, rather accidentally knocks herself down and then pulls herself back up by using courage to own it and admit she was wrong.

Cara Catronouva

Cara Catronouva

On September 12th, reported that boxing great and former fitness trainer  for The Biggest Loser Cara Castronuova said that fellow fitness trainer Jillian Michaels had embarrassed herself in a triathalon. A paparazzi surprised Castronuova on the street about Michaels’ poor performance in the competition. Caught off-guard , Castronuova quipped, suggesting that Michaels might have been unprepared for the race and that if she herself has been passed by octogenarians in a race, she would just kill herself.

Despite the fact that (according to numerous comments) her statements were nothing to apologize for, it appears Castronuova was indeed mortified by online backlash, and had never intended to offend Michaels or suggest actual suicide. Despite TMZ dramatizing the off-the-cuff interview with Castronuova, the two-time Golden Gloves Champion insists she meant no harm and was simply caught off guard. In fact today she issued the following statement on her Facebook page:

We’ve all said things that we wished we could hit the rewind button on and I’m no different. My comments were insensitive and rude. On a daily basis I work with and inspire children, teens and women, and I take my job seriously. In no way did I mean harm towards Jillian. Nor did I the mean “I’d kill myself” part as literal in any way. I used a very poor figure of speech that was uncalled for. Harming yourself is not the way to handle things. It never is. My work is to build people up, not tear down. I truly apologize for my insensitive comments and will actively work on making better choices with my words.”

Everyone makes mistakes. It often isn’t the mistake that matters—it’s how you handle the impact of the mistake afterwards.

And Castronuova proved she really is a champion inside and out, owning her mistake, and pulling herself back into standing tall by owning the error publicly and moving forward. We can all learn a lesson from that and be inspired. This round is yours, Cara Castronuova.

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