Female Biker in Brawl with Mall Cop! Insane! (video)

We stumbled across this crazy video.

Ohio Valley Mall Security Officer Adams appears to have been protecting the mall from several citizens who wanted to shoplift some of the local light rays. The use of force appears to have been necessary,

Who knew photography was such an intense threat to malls? What is this mall hiding that requires pictures being erased?

Why can’t the mall issue uniforms with sleeves that fit?

This mall cop appears to need to obtain combat tactical and customer service training before engaging the enemy.

She seems to have forgotten this is a MALL! Meaning—you WANT people to come to it to, uh, buy stuff. Which keeps the mall open. Which keeps the mall cop employed. Or would have.  Maybe not so much now….

Astonishingly, not one of the pedestrians standing around called 911. They were too busy documenting the incident. Ironically, in direct violation of Officer Adams’ directives.

Astonishingly, Ohio Valley Mall spokesman Joe Bell said Adams was “in her right” in the scuffle. “The security guard was doing her job. She was in a large crowd of people taking pictures and tried to disperse them,” said Bell. “For whatever reason, the situation escalated.”

Watch the video and learn proper photography, combat and customer service techniques.

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