Jonathan Winters Dies Along with Talent In General

There is a primary memory I have of Jonathan Winters who passed away today at the age of 87. Unfortunately it is from a ridiculous sitcom called “Mork and Mindy” ( a sitcom which launched Robin Williams into stardom and which I actually did enjoy very much) that I most remember him. The death of Winters is a great loss for two reasons:

ImageFirst—he was a tremendous talent who brought laughter and inspiration to many with his comedic genius and inventive approach. And fearlessness.

Secondly—there goes one more of the great ones. With every Jonathan Winters we lose, the percentage of awesome and truly talented entertainers vs idiotic posers who lack talent but somehow snatched attention and with is momentary fame and lots of cash they don’t deserve changes for the worse. 

Were we really better judges of talent and less tolerant of mediocre talent back then, or is it just that with electronic media and the Internet there are just so many more who intrude on our senses? Maybe there are the same number of talented people, and just a lot more idiots got past security?

Anyway, farewell Jonathan Winters. We will miss you. We will miss your comedy and talent. And we will miss your role in keeping the balance of talent power.


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