Thumbs Up – Why Roger Ebert Mattered

Thank you Roger Ebert for perspective through the lens.

The world lost an important man today.

Why is Roger Ebert important?

Man has existed for millions of years. For thousands he has been able to read and write. For more than a century he has been able to capture photographic images. But for only decades, the talking and moving image. Roger EbertThis moving image has profoundly impacted culture, economics, social process, gender regard, politics, health and much more across the Earth in ways never before experienced in the history of the world. Our window to the world has become the box in our living rooms, and the screen in the theater, and now even the communication device in our hands.

With each of these we experience motion pictures, and they expand, define, shape and destroy our worlds. Above all other voices, the most consistent judge and commentator on these motion pictures for a large share of their existence has arguably been one man: Roger Ebert.

Maybe he’s just given his opinion on movies.

Maybe he didn’t really make much difference in the world.

Or—maybe his voice has steered us to pay more, or less, attention to the messages, voices and stories of others. And centuries from now, when the tales of our era are long forgotten, the few that might be remembered probably became so in part because they got a thumbs up.

We’re playing a part of a giant picture and story in motion. Roger Ebert’s was just a little bit bigger than others.

Rest in peace, Mr. Ebert. We’ll let you know how the story ends.

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