Monkey Bumpers

Most shows re-use the same prerecorded introduction every show, or have a live announcer. Not us! “Monkey Radio with Marc” does neither.

Every episode has two prerecorded bumpers—-a message at the start and end of the show—different every time. We’re constantly writing new ones, making fun of ourselves most of the time. That’s one of the fun parts of listening consistently to the show: discovering the latest bumper “gem”.

Peter ColemanThankfully, announcer Peter Coleman does a tremendous job interpreting each and every bumper. The combination of his rich and well-controlled voice with his robust sense of humor and impeccable comic timing—it’s a recipe for success.

On Monday March 25th a new episode will showcase something new and fun—limping through the recording of a new round of never-before-heard bumpers, right in front of our listeners. We’ll also talk with Peter about his career and process.

Some of our favorite bumpers can now be heard on the “BUMPERS‘ web page of this site, located in the drop down of the “FUN STUFF” navigation.

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